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Genuine Trick – How to Buy a Yuphoria in the Flash Sale

YU Yuphoria has been the talk of the town these days. It stands firm at a whooping price of 6999/- with amazing specifications and Cyanogen OS 12 at this price range is outstanding. Let me discuss a few Frequently Asked Questions of people who are interested in buying YU Yuphoria.

Can we trust YU ?

The basic question that gets on to one’s mind after having a idea of buying a Yuphoria. The thing most of you know is that YU is a sub division of Micromax and Micromax stands at 10th position in the latest mobile market after Xiaomi and HTC which shows how rapid its been growing. I’m using YU Yureka since the few months and I was not sure about it as people didn’t much trust on YU. Now as a YU user I can assure you that YU is a brand you can trust. Yet there somethings to discuss on the flip side which include less service centers. Ofcourse it is available on many major cities I’ve heard that service isn’t unavailable in Kerala ( Not sure )

How to Buy a YU Yuphoria  ?

I’ve succeeded in grabbing a YU Yuphoria in the very first sale itself i.e on 28/05/2015 for my friend and didn’t for the next sale. I will write a review on it as soon as I get it ibto my hand. I believe YU Yuphoria will be as good as YU Yureka. I am also successful in getting YU Yureka in a sale as shown in the photo. 
The thing one should know is Amazon Flash Sale is far better than Flipkart  because Amazon is fast loading and its easy user interface helps everyone to get a handset in the sale. I say there is nothing unfair in this flash sales it all goes very transparent and today I will let you help how to grab a YU Yuphoria. And for god sake please don’t use and believe in scripts. They never work.You may loose a opportunity of buying one instead.

Steps to follow to but a YU Yuphoria without using any scripts

  • Register for the sale – Registering for a sale is as simple that you just need to hit the subscribe at the Amazon YU Yuphoria Landing Page  with your Amazon account or a new one. However you can’t make registrations the day before the sale. Note that you won’t get any mail or confirmation that you are registered for the sale. It just says you are subscribed for the sale.
  • Here comes the crucial part . How to grab a YU Yuphoria on the day of sale ?
Follow the below steps carefully and I’m sure you’ll grab a Yuphoria. Trust me.

  • Open the  Amazon YU Yuphoria Landing Page in your PC/Laptop instead of mobileChrome Browser in a New Incognito Window. If you don’t know that simply open Chrome and press Ctrl+Shift+N.  It boosts up your browser’s speed.Make sure you open the landing page on your computer atleast half an hour before the sale and don’t try close the tab or refreshing the window until the sale. Make sure you see a timer like this during the sale.
  • Keep your mouse cursor near the timer as the Add to Cart appears just beside that. As the time ends be quick to click on the button and adding it cart is as simple as that :). Yu need to complete your transaction in 15 minutes of the sale. However there is a option for Cash on Delivery , you must be quick. And its done. You’ve successfully ordered a YU Yuphoria in the sale.
I myself try to pick anyone who cannot order a YU Yuphoria sucessfully. Mention your details in the comments and we will look into it if you are really serious in buying a YU Yuphoria.

UPDATE: Thanks for your overwhelming response . Sorry to say that I cannot order anymore YU Yuphoria’s . However you try this trick and I assure you that you can really grab a YU Yuphoria in the Flash Sale.

Written by Suryanarayana Murthy

Computer Grad. Web Nerd. Tech Enthusiast. I run this blog ?


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