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Fix Battlegrounds Mobile India/ PUBG MOBILE Voice Chat Issue in Android and iOS

All methods to solve the microphone issues in PUBG MOBILE listed

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds usually referred to as PUBG a.k.a Battlegrounds Mobile India
was released officially in December 2017. It has since expanded its base to mobile platforms – Android and iOS. It is all the craze in mobile gaming these days with 10 odd million active players monthly.

Long story short, we’ve been playing this game since day one – and it’s a game best enjoyed multiplayer – especially with your friends. Anyway, the gameplay requires a lot of communication between players. And PUBG rightly provides a group voice chat. It really adds to the fun – when it is working, that is. One of the only problems in the game, sans needing a decent internet connection, is that the group voice chat is pretty unstable.

As fun as the game is when everything works fine, the game is almost unplayable when the communication is cut off. There still is a chatbox, but with people out to kill you – its hardly the time to be chatting.

Anyway, as first-hand experienced players of the broken voice chat, here are a couple of methods that have worked for us and ones you too can try to fix the issue.

Solve Battlegrounds Mobile India / PUBG Mobile Voice Chat and Microphone not Issues in Android and iOS

Now, the methods aren’t fixed in stone. They are just something that worked for us. So, try all of them and see what works for you. Right off, make sure your data/WiFi is fast. There really is no point playing PUBG on a slow internet connection. Also, make sure you are not on a call and that there are no background apps running. Now that the basics are taken care of – let’s delve into the actual tips.


1. Update the game to the most recent version

As an Android user, I can say that the microphone issues have been progressively decreasing with the updates. I’m sure its the same with iOS. And before you bite me, I know you think you cannot play the game on older versions. But that is the case only with the bigger updates. There are often smaller updates – bug fixes, most likely – which go unnoticed, but is a likely cause of the mic fail.

2. Give Microphone permission to the app

During the installation, you may likely hit the deny button when the app asks permission to access the microphone of your device. So, go to the App Info > Permissions > Microphone and make sure you check it. Also, you don’t necessarily need to give PUBG access to your storage to get your microphone to work.


3. Turn on the Microphone symbol in the lobby

You people might have figured out by now that you can talk when you formed a team and you are standing in the lobby. When you can see others’ microphone blinking, it means they are talking. So if you cannot hear them, you should know something is off. And for you to talk, you must click on the microphone button which is on the bottom right of your screen. Sometimes due to the server-side issues or your phone’s issue, the button is unclickable. Just try rotating the phone 180 degrees and try activating the microphone. Restart the game if you still cannot turn on your microphone.


4. Lock your phone and unlock it when you are in the lobby

This is a trick we discovered while using Discord and guess what! It works for PUBG as well! So, if you have tried all the above methods and nothing seems to work – just lock and unlock your phone when you are in the lobby and after you turn on the microphone. This, we’ve found, works most of the time for us.

5. Hit the Repair button during the game startup

We are not really sure how it works – but PUBG offers minor in-game updates of around 10-15MB sometimes which usually gets installed when you load the game for the first time. It is automatic, but something you can try, nonetheless.


That is about it on the normal fixes. But if nothing above works for you, here are a couple of out of the box methods you can go for,

6. Use PUBG Mobile Emulator on your PC

It takes a while downloading and installing the PUBG Mobile on your PC but thanks to Tencent, we have an official emulator to get the game work on your PC. So you don’t need to install the adware, bloated Bluestacks to play the game. Understanding the controls is easy and it also gives you an advantage over other players. Though it says Players with emulators will be mapped to players whose emulators, it still works and you can play with your friends. Here is the link from the official website to download the PUBG Mobile emulator.

Though it takes quite some time to download, it is a decent one-off investment. You won’t have any mic issues playing with the emulator, however before you play the game on your PC, make sure laptop’s microphone (or your headphone’s microphone if you are using one) is compatible and working with your computer.

7. Keep a conference call and play the game

This is hardly a fix. A workaround more like. If all your friends are in the same country – you can try having a conference call in the background while running the game. Even if they are from a different country or you play with your own squad, you can make a group call on Google hangouts or Discord (actually, more battery-friendly) and play. Though not the ideal situation, it doesn’t help in talking with new players, it still gets the job done. In case you have ay internet calling issues, you can connect the call from laptop while playing on your phone.

As we’ve found out, the first five methods should fix your mic issue. We do not really recommend the last two methods – but hey, last resorts!. Anyway, that is all we have for this time – we will be sure to add any new fixes should we find any. As always, do let us know in the comments below if any of the methods have worked for you, and if you have a different method that you want to share with our audience. Good luck with the game – hope you find all the guns you are looking for. And until the next time, peace.

Written by Suryanarayana Murthy

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