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How to Change your Facebook Profile Picture without Cropping

Changing Facebook Profile Pictures isn’t a really striking issue but there’s a minor issue from the side of Facebook where cropping your Profile Picture has been mandatory for some users.
You may say “Oh! Seriously? I don’t have such an issue”. Yeah, you’re right but have a look on these screen shots.
Change-your-Fb-Profile-Pic-Without -Cropping
       In the above screenshot there is no any button like “Skip Cropping” and there are only “Crop and Save” and “Cancel” buttons.
       Check the below screenshot which is another Facebook account in which there is an Option to “Skip Cropping”.
Change-your-Facebook-Dp-Without -Cropping
This justifies that Facebook User Interface isn’t same for all the users. There’s been a small research saying that Facebook User Interface not only varies for user to user in desktop version , but also while using  Facebook on Various Devices.

How to Change your Facebook Profile Picture without Cropping

Coming to the point if you’re facing a difficulty in changing your Facebook Profile Picture or Display Picture there’s a small solution to overcome this,
           You can Update your Facebook Profile Picture by using the mobile versions of Facebook. To do this from Desktop , open the following URL.

Steps to follow Change your Facebook Profile Picture without Cropping:


Open or from your Desktop using your desired browser and enter your login credentials and Log in.
Change-your-Fb-Profile-Pic-Without -Cropping

Step 2

Click on the right most pane.
Change-your-Fb-Profile-Pic-Without -Cropping

Step 3

You will see a menu as shown in the picture below.Click on the top most option i.e your profile.
Change-your-Fb-Profile-Pic-Without -Cropping

Step 4

Click on the Camera Symbol on your profile picture as shown in figure.
Change-your-Fb-Profile-Pic-Without -Cropping

Step 5

Click on the existing profile picture and Select the picture you want to set it as your Facebook Profile Picture selecting from your Computer.
Change-your-Fb-Profile-Pic-Without -Cropping

Step 6

Click on Set as Profile Picture button ( Don’t panic about the preview shown. You will get your full sized picture without being cropped as your Facebook Profile Picture)
Change-your-Fb-Profile-Pic-Without -CroppingChange-your-Fb-Profile-Pic-Without -Cropping

Step 7

Amigo! You’ve just uploaded your desired picture as your Facebook Profile Picture without being cropped. The picture clarity of the picture uploaded from and  doesn’t vary from the picture uploaded through
Change-your-Fb-Profile-Pic-Without -Cropping
Change-your-Fb-Profile-Pic-Without -Cropping
                    This bug will be soon fixed by Facebook but not for all users at once.Mention your queries and comments in the comment box.
Recent Update :
From a comment made by Joe below we are adding also a new method how to change your Facebook Profile Picture without Cropping. If your are not willing to add profile picture via , this method is more easier.

How to Change your Facebook Profile Picture without Cropping ( Method – 2 )

Step 1 : Go to your Timeline and Click on Photos as show in screenshot below and click on
+Create Album button.
Change-your-Fb-Profile-Pic-Without Cropping
Step 2 : 
 Then a File Explorer Window pops out to select the photo you desire to Set as your Profile Picture. It shows Uploading bar which shows the upload status. You meanwhile check the High Quality checkbox for High Quality and make sure the Privacy Setting for the album is Private i.e Only Me
Change-your-Fb-Profile-Pic-Without Cropping
Step 3: 
 After the Upload is complete check the album is Private (Only Me) and post it.
Change-your-Fb-Profile-Pic-Without Cropping
Step 4:
 Now you can look at your Private album when you click on Photos tab on your Timeline.
Change-your-Fb-Profile-Pic-Without Cropping
Step 5:
Click on the Image you want to set as your Profile Picture and a window opens up showing your private photo. Click on Options and Click on Make Profile Picture as shown in the Screenshot.
Change-your-Fb-Profile-Pic-Without Cropping
Step 6:
Then you can see a window which shows Skip Cropping button. And its done 🙂 . You can now see your desired picture as your Profile Picture without Cropping.
Change-your-Fb-Profile-Pic-Without Cropping

Written by Suryanarayana Murthy

Computer Grad. Web Nerd. Tech Enthusiast. I run this blog 😎

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