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8 Best Multiplayer games for Android to play in 2022

Just like how eating is an experience best enjoyed when done socially, similarly gaming is also something best enjoyed when it is played with multiple players. There are various types of multiplayer games such as one in which it can be played on a single phone with multiple players while the other in which multiple players can play from their own phone or another device. Some have priority for the gameplay while others love the plot.
In this article, we shall be discussing 8 best multiplayer games for Android to play in 2022. They are all free while some may have a few in-app purchases. There is a great diversity in the games listed below, some focus on plot, some on gameplay while other on visual appeal. Games are fun and you can see more of them here.

1. Modern Combat 5: mobile FPS


Modern Combat is a game for people who take the story plot and graphics seriously. It has got a blend of everything from appealing visuals, heavy armours and intense multiplayer action. You can create your own team of 8 classes that may include your friends and other members of the game. It only gets better when you are in the battle arena with players from across the globe. Not just that, you can also watch the players who are playing the game in live FPS battles. The members can also involve in gun-blazing team play that is part of squad vs. squad matches.

2. Chain Reaction(free)


It is not a game right out of a chemistry book, this game is actually about creating a chain of color bubbles or atoms, the screen has many empty boxes and you are required to join as many bubbles as possible. It is one of the finest games and you can enjoy it to the fullest only when playing in multiplayer mode. It requires a lot of strategies if you are to win this game. The game can play host to as many as 8 people at once. The only aim of the gamer playing this game is to pump up your own atoms so they explode and doing so you can acquire other cells too.
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3. AdventureQuest 3D MMO RPG


AdventureQuest 3D is one of the latest games that is basically an MMORPG which simply means massively multiplayer online role-playing game. As the name suggests, it is a game filled with loads of thrill, adventure, wars and a lot of quests. The best part about this game is, it supports cross-platform play which means it is independent of the device which the other player will be using. You can also involve chats and the game has social engagements too. The developers are always adding new stuff to the game with every update.

4. Asphalt Xtreme

For all those who love racing games, Asphalt needs no introduction. It is a game that has been popular for ages. It is known to be very addictive and the reason could well be understood by the quality of graphics that the game has and also the intensity of the game. It feels so real. Asphalt Xtreme is a multiplayer game in which 8 players from across the globe can play the game for free. Imagine the fun of rubbing your cars with strangers who have their control sitting somewhere else. There is a kick you get when you see your name at the top of the leaderboard.

5. Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS


Critical ops is a game for all those gamers who are totally into killing (lol). The plot is simple, you are a cop and your job is to shoot terrorists on site. Your sole aim in the game is to wipe out terror. Just like you see in most of the fps games, even this game supports multi-players. The best part about this game is, it does not have any in-app purchases. Apart from this huge benefit, the game has a lot of customization benefits. You can tailor make your gear and even your character.

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6. Glow Hockey


If you have ever played hockey then we promise playing this game will be even more fun. Glow hockey can make anyone fall in love with the game. It can be played by two players on the same device. It supports 2 player mode. You get to choose from two themes of the game. The interface is very smooth and very responsive to your touch. As the name suggests, the whole game has visually appealing stunning graphics. Paddles are very important in any hockey game and here you get to choose from 4 different paddles and pucks. Your device vibrates when a goal is scored.

7. N.O.V.A. Legacy


Nova legacy app is an FPS game meaning it is a first shooter game. It is one of the latest game in the NOVA franchise. The whole plot is about a commander Kal warden who along with his assistant Yelena has a goal to save humanity which is on the verge of destruction due to aliens. It is a great multiplayer game and supports things like deathmatches, character customization, and leaderboards. It is hard to believe that it is a multiplayer game as the size of the game is only 20 MBs. You will get to see 3D models in the game which make it an extravagant affair.



This game is often considered to be one of the best multiplayer games on the android play store. The whole plot is set in a forest. You are a forest dweller and your role is to solve the numerous maze and puzzles that will come your way. The screen will always be moving no matter what you do. Your job is to move as quickly as possible. It has a multiplayer mode and can support as many as 4 players at max. You can also customize the game as per your wish. The game even supports Android TV just in case you love playing on bigger screens.

9. Psych! Outwit your friends

A dainty little party game, Psych! is Ellen DeGeneres’ follow-up to Heads Up! her popular mobile charades game. Psych! is essentially a silly trivia game played with a group of friends where people make up their own fake answers to real trivia questions and then try to guess the right answer. It’s got different categories called Decks; some free and the others paid – 1 buck a pop. Away from its typical trivia decks – Psych also has a recently introduced deck called ‘And the truth comes out’ (which also has a dedicated app, for some reason) – which contains personal questions you can answer about your friends (read: make fun of). All in all, a simple party app that can provide many a fun night with the right group of friends.


Games are always fun when played with others, it is a nice way to unleash the full potential of the game and rewind your mood. In this article, we have covered 8 best multiplayer games for Android to play in 2022. Find out which one appeals to you the most and get rolling.

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