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Gearbest : One-stop place for all the tech you need !

Tech keeps changing daily. New gadget hit the markets every day. And for tech-enthusiasts like me, just following the news doesn’t cut it – we’d rather get our hands on the devices. That is often easier said than done, though. It is not just the financial constraints – but also the availability. Yes, I’m referring to the country-specific tech launches. If you are not from the US or China, chances are you’ve felt the annoyance of waiting a couple of months for a product to launch in your country,

For instance, right now I am still waiting for Nokia to launch their newest product Nokia X6 in India. They will probably have a newer phone in the market by the time I get my hands on the X6! That said, the country-specific launches are done for good reason. Most companies begin marketing their products from their strongest base before moving on to other countries – this can cause significant delays or worse, no official launches in a few countries!


This is where websites like Gearbest comes into the picture. Gearbest is a well-known e-commerce website (at least in the tech boggers circle). They sell just about everything (not Amazon everything, but yeah, everything) ranging from screws to suits to 3D Printers. Backing up their wide collection, they ship all over the globe, right to your doorstep – which just further sweetens the pot. Their return and exchange policies are simple and transparent. They even have their own flash sales!

GearBest is best known for their tech, though. And if you’re a fan of smartwatches or fitness bands like I am, their Amazfit Smartwatches range is something you might want to browse through!

They do however have their shortcomings. For instance, the delivery of the product to India isn’t all that fast thanks to customs and other import issues. Nevertheless, Gearbest can be trusted, which is more than what I can say for a lot of other global shipping websites. A lot of my pals have personally ordered from GearBest and haven’t faced any issues.

And now, the reason we’re selling GearBest to you! We are entering a relationship with Gearbest – and for starters, we are going to review Xiaomi’s latest fitness band, the Mi Band 3 which GearBest has been kind enough to agree to send us (well, this and that they are genuinely a good website). Anyways, we’ll have a review up as soon as we get our hands on the Mi Band 3. Stay tuned!

Written by Suryanarayana Murthy

Computer Grad. Web Nerd. Tech Enthusiast. I run this blog ?

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