WhatsApp is now Facebook’s Property

Facebook’s acquisition of the leading Mobile messaging Application , WhatsApp is complete. After getting the clearance from European Consumer Commissioner on Friday, the deal has formally closed in the United States.


The actual $19 billion acquisition turned out to be $22 billion thank’s to Facebook’s rise in stock price.

Today’s official announcements revealed that WhatsApp Co-founder and CEO Jan Koum is now a board member at Facebook. Koum said that policy of 1$ per annum would be as it is and there wouldn’t be any change in the policies of WhatsApp.

Google who lost Whats App in the bid , is know working on a mobile messaging app that competes to WhatsApp..Read More

WhatsApp still a dominant Mobile Messaping globally.Jan Koum kept it in a really good way, its time Mark Zuckerberg i.e The new owner of WhatsApp to prove himself.

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