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Top 5 Android Apps for Monitoring Online activities

Smartphone activities have increased multifold in the recent past, especially among kids. Tracking online activities of their smartphones has become a need of an hour. We have chalked down some of the most efficient and user-friendly android apps for monitoring online activities on a smartphone.

Phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. Beginning from the first yawn of the morning till the time you crash into the bed, you are constantly glued to your mobile phones.

The problem is when it comes to children they’re often accessing inappropriate content or spending too much time on social media. As well as that, and mostly takes place over social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter which children access all too frequently.

To keep a tab on all smartphone activities including web browsing, online video watching, phone calls, and social apps data, there are several smartphone monitoring apps available.

We have compiled a list of most user-friendly android apps for monitoring online activities on your smartphones. These monitoring apps act as a CCTV camera to track the exact locations and online activities of your loved ones. Such apps are commonly used for tracking kids’ activities.


You can find a bunch of monitoring apps for your Android smartphone. Some of them are free to use and some carry a price tag coupled with some great tracking features. Here are some of the best monitoring apps limited to Android devices.

You can’t find most of the monitoring apps on the PlayStore for several reasons and limitations due to Google’s PlayStore guidelines. Here the top 5 apps to monitor your kids.

1.Google Family Link

Coming from the house of Google itself, this seems to be one of the few monitoring apps available on the PlayStore. Basically, there are two apps, one for the parent and other for the kids. Here are features of the as listed on their website. This is available for free on PlayStore.

  • View their activity: Check screen on time of all the apps they’re using.
  • Manage their apps: Accept or Deny installation of apps on your kid’s devices.
  • Set limits: Set the usage limit to their duration of app usage.
  • Lock their device: Remotely lock a device whenever you think it’s time to take a break.
  • See where they are: Check your kid’s precise location and navigate there.

2. mSpy

Be it a workaholic father at work, or a mother at home, mSpy mobile app is a great choice to monitor the exact location of their kids. This Android monitoring app tracks the real-time data such as messages, calls, location, e-mails, and calendars. Lakhs of consumers have claimed it to be a one-stop solution to Android monitoring. Installation of the app is easy without rooting the device. It helps you monitor multiple devices, capture exact details and store data. The monitoring app lacks a call recording feature.

3. Spyzie

It is one of most commonly used Android apps for monitoring smartphone activities. This spy app helps you track the activities of one’s smartphone without rooting them. Activities can be monitored from your device as well. Spyzie tracks activities carried out on Android devices such as GPS location, phone calls history, text messages, social apps data including WhatsApp and Facebook. To access all the services you need to pay a little to gain a premium account.

Downloading Spyzie app on the smartphone is simple. You just need to follow these steps –

  • Create a Spyzie account.
  • Install the monitoring app on the target android device.
  • Log into the control panel and view smartphone activities.

4. Net Nanny

Another app from the PlayStore, NetNanny is one of the widely used apps for monitoring and is kind-of underrated. Often claimed for its bad customer service and flaws here and there, Net Nanny can still be considered as an alternative. It offers a lot of content and profanity filtering, app management and also emails reports.

5. MobiStealth

A popular android monitoring app, MobiStealth allows you to keep a track of your kids/spouse/employees. The app works nonchalantly even if your target device is away. It is one of the best tracking apps to record phone calls. Unfortunately, you cannot block calls remotely on this monitoring app. Easy-to-use interface of the app is another plus point. No rooting required.

6. Mobicip

Are you looking for an efficient android monitoring app? Mobicip is that one android mobile app that helps you track online activities on a smartphone, block content, and store the tracked data is the simplest manner. These features are available for the premium account holders. You need to pay only $39.99 a year. A free option is available too, but that comes with limited features.

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