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Seven ways to secure your office from theft

Workplace theft is more common (and more damaging) than you might realize – and involves stolen cash, computers, and even identities. “Workplace theft is a huge problem; according to a survey by CNN, it’s the cause of failure for one in three businesses,” says Joe Mac McConnell, vice president of small business at ADT Security Services in Boca Raton, FL.

Building owners and facility managers need to equip themselves to fight office crime and protect their businesses with an integrated, careful approach.

Here are seven ways on how to secure your office from theft and how you can prevent it.

Be certain that the office is closed and secure

Before the last employee leaves the premises for the day, make sure the facility is locked and secure. One of the major reasons for easy thefts is forgetting to secure the premises for the next working day. This leaves your open prone to theft and difficult to trace the perpetrators who have easy access to the assets inside.

Install motion-sensitive and constant outside lights

We cannot deny that a well lighted premise deters thieves from entering. At various points around the perimeter of the building motion sensitive lights can be installed to secure the area. When these lights come on the perpetrators will be taken in by surprise and turn back rather than move forward with their plans.

Keep all valuables locked in a drawer during work hours

Taking precaution to safe guard your valuables from theft is the sure way to keep them safe. Leaving valuables within easy reach will only lead to temptation and loss so all employees should take measures to keep their purses, wallets, important information secure under lock and key.

Check the identity of any strangers in your office

Don’t hesitate to ask a stranger in your office who they’re visiting, and whether you can help them find that person. Don’t allow visitors to be alone in your office space. Be sure to provide an escort at all times.

Report anything you find amiss immediately

Don’t assume that someone else reported a door, a window, or a lock that’s broken or not working properly. Report these problems immediately.

Restrict access

One way to prevent theft is to control the access to people entering your building. There should be monitoring of visitors who should have access through one entrance only and should be checked in by a lobby attendant or security guard. There are a number of simple and temporary solutions that provide visitors with identity badges that clearly identify them as a visitor while providing access for only a limited amount of time to limited areas.


Digital cameras can be easily installed to maximize security coverage. Most surveillance systems can record and the footage can be very useful in determining when a crime occurred and who was involved.

These are just a few methods to help you get started to prevent theft and any malpractice in office…

Tell us, what are other different ways to adopt to protect office from crimes?

Written by Sam Livingston

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