Say Hello to New Social Network “Ello”

By now, you’ve probably heard of Ello, the invite-only social network gaining attention for its interesting approach of  social networking. Find out why the site is seeing 35 Thousand hourly sign-ups, and why people are so willing to join yet another social network apart of Facebook , Twitter.

The main attraction, according to the company, is that unlike Facebook or Twitter, Ello will remain ad-free forever.

Ello’s Logo

Before going through the features of Ello , Let me tell about the Ello Facemaker tool

Ello Facemaker tool 

It  can be used to paste the Ello logo on your face, hiding your identity and becoming one with the Ello Users.

Ello at a glance!

  • Invite Only

Although Ello is completely free to use, it works only on the basis on an invite only policy at present. You have to request you invitation by providing your email id on the Ello official website’s homepage alternatively if you know someone who is already on Ello, you can get an invite. The reason behind Ello’s only invite process is , it is still in beta version and they are still working on fixing the bugs.So they don’t want the website go down by allowing free access to all until certain period.Each new user is allotted 25 invites.
Comment below if you want a invite from our side.


  • Manifesto

Ello guarantees that the social networks we are utilizing is claimed by promoters. All that we do,  like a page, adding friends, retweets and afterward the information is sold to the promoters. We are to be sure the item that is sold and purchased in return for information. However Ello is distinctive, they treat us like individuals, not item and Ello is a stage to associate and celebrate. They won’t mislead or control us like whatever remains of them.

  •  Easy Interface

The site is planned in such a path, to the point that it appears to be exceptionally easy to understand. There is not an indication of jumble with insignificant alternatives, which for a begin is a decent thing. In spite of the fact that regardless of the possibility that they think of extra gimmicks later, until further notice the arrangement and configuration is really good.

  •  Ad Free

Ello is ad free unlike other social networking sites. Ello strongly denies clears of selling the data to third party and advertisers. The basic rule of Ello is an ad free and no data-mining policy.

  • Public network

Ello is a public network  to share content. At present, Ello works on invite basis, anyone can use Ello who is above the age of 13.

  • News feed
The newsfeed is isolated into two streams to be specific Friends and Noise. So when you open a friends tab you will see all the news from friends whom you have listed under friends pane. Noise is the news sustain from whatever remains of the individuals.
  • Features

Ello boasts of many features like Simple Commenting, Fluid Grid Noise View, Views Per Post, Image Compressor, Google Analytics .

  • Apps

Ello says that it will work for both iOS and android apps.It will be out soon.

  • Privacy

Ello’s privacy policy may not sound good .Why because is said to be a public network , anything you post other than private message can be accessed by other, there is no such thing as privacy in Ello. But they claim that they are still working on the privacy and blocking kinda options.

  • Love instead of Like
There is similar feature of Like in Ello , a heart symbol. You can use it for rating something you like similar to Facebook.

Don’t forget to leave your email addresses for Ello invites.

Written by Suryanarayana Murthy

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