Fund This : Gadget for a faster and magsafe like mobile charging experience

Our mobile’s consume a ton of battery power and multiple times, on top of which we deal with slow charging speeds, frayed cables, broken phone sockets, smashed phones while tripping over cables. A simple charging cable deals with these many problems.



Let me introduce Mu Connect a small gadget which does a lots of work. Its a add-on to your USB cable which provides you data sync and faster charging. In addition its innovative design adds value to the gadget. It has a kind of magnetic thing which adds easier experience while plugging into charger .

This gadget has basically 2 parts : the Pin and Connector. The Pin is the one which goes into your mobile’s USB slot and your charger / cable is connected to the Connector part which does the main job. It has a LED notification bulb and it is the one enables faster charging , data sync and the magnetic experience.

Simple Installation of Mu-Connect :

1. Insert the Pin into your phone charging socket

2. Fix the Connector into your charging cable.

3. Bring the Connector near the Pin. It aligns and charges away!

The Connector has a LED notification and a tiny switch which switches from fast charging and data sync.

Product Video of Mu Connect :

Features of Mu-Connect in a glance :

  • Innovative and Intuitive design
  • Reliable fast charging/Superior charging experience
  • Reversible micro USB ( for Android )
  • Prevents accidents / Easy to attach and detach
  • Prevents frayed cables

Charging with MuConnect is extremely simple and very convenient and will have a great impact on everyone’s daily lives.You can now charge your mobile devices 2X faster from your laptop while at work or while travelling, instead of searching for a wall port everywhere you go.




This gadget is developed by India’s prestigious IIT Madras Alumni and MuConnect’s is presently is running crowdfunding campaign is live on Indiegogo where it is available for preorder at just $12, which is a 40% reduced cost on the retail value. There is also an early bird offer for the first 500 claims where you get two products for $20 at will be dispatching on August.

Written by Suryanarayana Murthy

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