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How to get New Google Chrome Material Design for your Computer

Google is working hard on its browser Chrome and started implementing its material design policy to it. Yes , the update is coming very soon and may possibly hit the PC Version in a few weeks. Today we’re here present a tweak through which you can enable the new Google Chrome Material Design in few steps. Make it fast this may vanish in order to make update more secretly.


How to get New Google Chrome Material Design


  • Open Google Chrome and type ‘chrome://md-settings’ in  Address bar and hit enter. You can have a glimpse of all Options available for Google Chrome’s upcoming material design.



  • In general we mostly use browsers like Chrome for Downloads , Right ? So let’s enable the Downloads Page in material design.
  • For that type ‘chrome://flags/‘ and Enable Material Design downloads . It’s a long way down scrolling . So you simply press Ctrl+F which enables search and you can search for download to find this option. And then Enable it. Then it asks to Relaunch Chrome then hit RELAUNCH NOW button. This enables Downloads Page in Material Design. You can also enable top-bar by the option  ‘Material Design in the browser’s top Chrome’ in the same ‘chrome://flags/‘ page and enable it. Then just relaunch Chrome. Here are a few screenshots. How-to-get-Chrome-Material-Design-1







Features of new Google Chrome after Material Design :

  • All pages of the Browser such as Settings , Downloads are turned out to be responsive.
  • Change in icon set.
  • More or less similar to Windows Chrome App mode.
  • Changes in font (though you change the Font and its sizes).

Written by Suryanarayana Murthy

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