[SOLVED] Get Subtitles (.srt) in any Smart TV/LED TV/LCD TV/3D TV

Most of us watch videos , movies in our Smart TVs and the very first problem we face is though there is a subtitle file (.srt ) along with video or movie  , we cannot see subtitles running below the movie or video.

 The trick to get this done is a very simple thing.

Make sure that name of the video file and subtitle file (.srt) are same

Steps to follow

  •  Copy the video/movie file along with subtitle file (.srt)
  • Right click on the video file
  • Select ‘Rename’
  • Copy the video file name
  • Rename the subtitle file and paste the filename of  the video file
  • Done

Make sure when you are connecting  USB/Removable Device to your TV , both the files are present.
 This method works for all devices and all TVs namely Sony , Samsung etc

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