Emoticons crash WhatsApp

WhatsApp,the most globally popular messaging app with more than 600 million active users,with India alone boasting a user base of more than 70 million(which is over a tenth of its global users),followed by China’s WeChat(468 million active users),Viber(209 million active users),and Japan’s LINE(170 million active users).

What if I say that you can hang or crash your friends WhatsApp with just a simple message ,say a very small size (approx 2KB) message to your friend or victim.

I came across this incident when one of my colleague sent a huge message with emoticons (smileys) in one of our groups in WhatsApp.All of a sudden my phone stopped working. I restarted my phone and again when I tried to open the same message ,again my WhatsApp was crashed.Later what I found was everyone in the group started leaving the group.


As we all know,the most intelligent species on this planet perhaps girls , uninstalled Whatsapp and tried installing it again.However this can solve the issue.Usually while sending a huge message (Say,greater than 7MB in size) on WhatsApp could crash victim’s device and app immediately,but using this new message attacker could perform the same by sending a very small size (approx 2KB) a message with huge set of characters ( about 2000) to the victim.And the only thing that the victim can avoid his device from hanging or crashing is that he has to delete the whole history chat on his device.

This is not only applicable in WhatsApp groups but also in a private message.For example just imagine you had some chat with your friend and you don’t want him to have that chat on his device,them simply send that specially crafted message so that he’ll have to delete his/her whole conversation and start a fresh chat,because opening the message keeps on crashing WhatsApp unless the chat is deleted completely.You can check the video below how this works.

BTW we don’t encourage to do this and WhatsApp may come through this tweak very soon and fix it in its upcoming update .This can happen only in all Android devices.So brace up yourselves all Android users.


Written by Ashish Pulivarthy

Tech Enthusiast , Cricket Lover :)

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