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How to Download Instagram Private Account Pictures and Videos

Download pictures and videos from any Instagram accounts including Private, without any softwares.

Instagram is one of the most famous social networks where millions of people stay active through attractive photography. It is the third most used social app after Facebook and Twitter. Instagram has developed privacy settings due to which,  only their followers can view the content of private accounts. Although public accounts can easily be seen, viewing or downloading Instagram private account photos is difficult as it requires your follower request to be approved by that account.

Time Saver Edition: The below methods specified work all the time but may take you a while to implement if you are not a tech savvy. There is a software developed by one of our partner that makes things easy. That’s YoutubeByClick , it not only allows you to download Youtube music and videos but also lets you download Instagram Videos and photos with a simple click. Check more details here How to Download Instagram Pictures with YouTubeByClick 


There are many tricks to download Instagram photos and videos of private account holders, but all these require an installation software or app or online surveys. Using all bogus software or apps may turn out to be malicious.

None of the tools available online will help you in Downloading Instagram Account Private Pictures. But we have a solution !

All websites will say to enter the username and it does some random action to make you believe that it is a hacking trick and it works. However, they end up in a section it asks you to Download some Software (Probably Malicious) else says to Complete a Survey for download the picture.

Trust Me! None of those methods work. Instagram is very secure and doesn’t allow you to peep into private accounts.

Coming to the point, there are two cases to download pictures from a private Instagram account.

  1. If you are following the person on Instagram.
  2. If you are not a follower of the Private Instagram User.

People who belong to the second case can directly skip into the 2nd method. Click here.

How to Download Instagram Pictures with YouTubeByClick Software


Using the software is pretty simple, download the software and install it. Now copy paste the link of the account from your browser to fetch the photos and videos. As said earlier, this software only works when you are following a private person and no issue with public accounts. Click here to download  YoutubeByClick  .

How to View / Download pictures of a Private Instagram Account being a Follower

For a normal Instagram account ( i.e non-private accounts ), there are many methods to download picture such as if you can get the URL of the photo, you can download it from websites like , , etc.

As shown in the screenshot above, for a non-private account we can copy the shareable link of the photo by clicking on the Options Button >> Copy Link. We can see a message popping up confirming that you’ve copied the URL.


But for a private Instagram account, we don’t find any such additional options to Copy URL of the photo.

So, this makes the downloading process a little complicated. To download these pictures, you need a PC before you. Switch on your computer and Open a browser (Google Chrome preferred).

Using this method, you can download any photo from a public Instagram account and private account as well if you are their follower.

Step 1

Open in your browser and log in to your account using Facebook Sign In or using your account credentials.


Step 2

Search for the person you want to download pictures. Make sure
that  you are his/her follower


Step 3

After getting into their profile, Click on the picture you want to download. This is a test account I created for research purposes. And it is a private Instagram account.


Step 4

After clicking on the picture, the picture pops out into a frame. Now place your mouse on the picture and right-click on it. Select the option Inspect.

Step 5

After you click on Inspect facing on the picture, you will be able to as below; where the fields with blue colour are highlighted initially.

Here comes the main part. Select the line above the blue one, ( In the below screenshot, it is highlighted with a yellow circle). Click on the ► symbol which expands the code further.

Step 6

After following the above step, the code will expand as below.

If you closely observe, the code-snippet that is expanded has URL’s to the photo with the following sizes.

  • 640×640
  • 750×750
  • 1080×1080
  • Source size (src)

Instagram only allows photos to a maximum resolution of 1080×1080 pixels. So, the links with src tags and 1080w tags almost give Image URL’s to the maximum resolution of the image. I’ve chosen the src tag.

Step 7

And now, you want to download the image in the highest resolution of course. Left-Click on the last line of snippet twice to select the URL. After the URL is selected, right-click on the URL and hit Go to option. Alternatively, you hit Copy and Paste the link in your browser to get the image in full resolution. 

And that’s it. The image will open in a New Tab. The image will be of full resolution. To save the image, Right click on the Image and select Save Image as Option. That’s it! You can have the Instagram picture in Full resolution.

How to View / Download Videos of a Private Instagram Account being a Follower

Downloading videos from Instagram is almost the same as downloading pictures but just a few changes. Follow the same first four steps in the above section. And from Step 4, follow the below.

Step 1

After you click on Inspect facing on the picture, you will be able to as below; where the fields with blue color are highlighted initially.


Here comes the main part. Select the second line above the blue one, ( In the above screenshot, follow the highlighted cursor on it). Click on the ► symbol which expands the code further.


Step 2

Expand the line twice until you see the following piece of code with .mp4 link. Check the screenshot below for reference.


Step 3

After you found the code snippet, right-click on the link. Select Open in a New Tab and you will find the video in the new tab.

After the video opens in a New Tab, right-click on the video and hit Save Video as option. That’s it! The video is now downloaded in full resolution.


How to View / Download pictures of a Private Instagram Account without Following

If you are here, you probably might have tired by filling surveys to get a software which will download pictures of a private Instagram user. It is practically impossible for such software to exist. Without following you cannot download the photos of a Private Instagram user. However,  I have a technique through which you can download profile picture of Private Instagram Account. Below is a simple method using which you can download Instagram profile picture without using any software. Well, this article is for those Instagram lovers who would love to download the photos of their crush or their first love or an infatuation for a friend. 😛

At the end of this post, I’ll tell you a few conventional methods to through which you can download Instagram private account pictures without following.

Steps to View and Download Private Instagram Profile Picture in Full Size 


Due to recent changes in Instagram’s API, the method mentioned here went obsolete. The new method is can be found through the link below.

How to download Instagram Profile Pictures in HD

Tips to View and Download Instagram Private Account Pictures

Though the above method can be universally implemented and is legit to use, there are a few methods of common sense which may be helpful in satisfying your interest in peeking others.

  • Follow their Account

Don’t think I’m joking. People generally with more followers, mostly tend to accept your Requests. And if you don’t think this right, you can try with a fake account. I’m not teaching bad stuff here. I’m just talking about the possibilities. 😛

  • Do you think there are more methods? Nah.

You can straightforward view and download profile picture i.e., dp of the Instagram user regardless of the Private or Public user from the method we’ve proposed. But however, there aren’t any other methods to snoop into photos of Private Instagram users.

A bonus tip from me, try visiting their Facebook profile and try if you can see their  Instagram pictures shared to their Timelines. Also, you can try finding their friends and see if they have any photos of his/her tagged in Instagram or Facebook.

If you found tagged photos of the person you are trying to find, you can try this method to download the photos.

Please feel free to comment if you find any difficulty in implementing these methods.

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Written by Ashish Pulivarthy

Tech Enthusiast , Cricket Lover :)

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