Have you played the Fireboy and Watergirl Game yet?

Playing online games is the best thing I do when I take a break from my work. I already blogged about the games I love the post, ICYMI these  .io games are my favorite. A friend of mine suggested the game   and I loved this game.


Fireboy and Watergirl is a strategy game and isn’t a multiplayer game like the .io games (yeah, don’t get disappointed), I’m addicted to this. There is not so much to make a hype about this game as it doesn’t boast heavy graphics or lagging servers, I found this one a little refreshing and new compared to other games. This one a small-cute-little game involves two characters Fireboy and Watergirl finding a way out of the maze. The two characters in the game Fireboy and Watergirl , must find a way out of the maze escaping their exactly opposite elements (Water for Fireboy and Fire for Watergirl) and collect coins on their way. The Fireboy must not touch the water and the Watergirl must not touch the fire while you reach the doors by the end of a level.If you fail to reach the end of the maze safely, the level gets restarted to the beginning. Both the characters must be controlled simultaneously for progressing in the game faster. Watergirl can be controlled with A, W, D and Fireboy can be controlled with arrow keys.

Though it seems simple, it gets complex moving on to higher levels. What made this game special for me is that we need to control two characters while playing the game.

As per the game level’s map, it shows three different symbols i.e Hexagon, Triangle, Pentagon.

Hexagonal diamond levels : get to the exit doors as fast as possible, while grabbing all diamonds.
Triangular diamond levels : levels are very similar, but its trick is to move both characters simultaneously.
Pentagonal diamond levels : try to grab the green diamond and then get to the exit doors.

Fireboy keeps collecting red colored diamonds and blue colored diamonds can be collected by Watergirl. Some of the levels are as easy such that you can play each character one after another to reach the end and for some, you need to control both the characters simultaneously. If you have a friend with you, one can take control over the Watergirl sitting to the left side of keyboard and another can control the Fireboy by sitting to the right of the keyboard. I believe the game will be more fun this way.

Keeping on playing the game, you will surely get confused with the character you need to control when

If you enjoyed playing this game and completed it using all your wits, this game is not the end. There are also other games in the series Fireboy and WaterGirl 2,  Fireboy and WaterGirl 3 and  Fireboy and WaterGirl 4. I found this game as a little relief from the existing multiplayer and heavy games. You know a better game? Please let me know in the comments.

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