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5 Best Barcode Scanning Apps filled with latest features for Windows 10 Mobile/Tablet

Barcode scanner apps are examples of advanced technology that can search any product and any online website. You can compare any product, and check the availability of products in various online sites like Amazon and eBay. Barcode scanner apps play a great role in scanning the various products. Barcode scanning apps have few parts and can scan the traditional barcodes and also the QR codes. When barcode scanning apps are used from the mobile phones, the camera of the mobile phone is used for the scanning purpose.

Books Run- the online book library

is the online portal that is engaged in selling and buying a wide array of books. Renting option is also available here, where you can rent online books and return back. Textbook buyback option is the most attractive feature. BooksRun is much advanced technologically and makes use of the ISBN number. The ISBN number helps detect every piece of information about books and the libraries. The ISBN number is scanned with the help of barcode scanner app from mobile phones and computer.  The ISBN number help detect the best fair price, the edition and the availability of the book. It has collection of all categories of book. In a simple and convenient way just use barcode scanning apps and trace the ISBN code, and get every piece of information.

The five types of barcode scanning apps are

  • Barcode scanner by For Each Solution is available at a free of cost. It collects the barcodes very efficiently and fast. The data which contains URL, browsing to URL becomes easy. This app supports barcodes like code 39, code 128, QR code, EAN, UPC. The operating system required is windows 10. The size of the app is 1.45mb.
  • Scanner one scans the 1d and 2d barcodes, while the decoded ones can convey advanced use. This app supports codes like EAN, UPC, ISBN, QR code. The content that is previewed is the website and the geolocation. It needs Windows 10 and can be installed from the marketplace. It has an integrated camera, and the size of the app is 7.42mb.
  • QR bar scanner is applicable for both the mobile phone and computer. The camera is an integrated one, and the downloading app size is 3.36mb. The app uses a webcam and works with the help of internet connection.
  • Win zip universal is free and supported by Windows 10 in both mobile and computer devices. It sends the large files very easily. It enables passcode system to secure the files. The size is 14.3mb.
  • Easy barcode scanner is applicable for Holo lens, computers, and the mobile devices, having operation system windows 10. You can take clear pictures of 2d QR codes. All barcode data can be downloaded by just a button. The size of this app is 36.83mb.

There are a number of free and paid apps for scanning barcode. The window 10 is highly advanced and provides free barcode scanning apps with improved features.

Written by Sam Livingston

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