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Prevent Battery Drain by evading Facebook App

Facebook’s Mobile Site is a better choice for Quicker, Battery-Saving Facebook

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Facebook’s application isn’t as awful as it used to be, yet it still has’ a decent amount of issues: it somewhat abate, channels your battery actually when you aren’t utilizing it, and obliges various kinds of authorizations on your telephone. Need something better? The Facebook versatile site is almost identical…without all the poop.

This tip is old as earth, yet some place along the line, we disregarded Facebook’s portable site , but the tech world reminded us about it today. In case you’re continually disappointed by the Facebook application, this is what you have to do to dispose of it. Why don’t you give a try and taste the change?

For Android : 

Open the Play Store application and quest for Facebook. Click the Uninstall catch on the page. (On the off chance that it came preinstalled and you can’t dispose of it, go to Settings > Accounts and simply evacuate your Facebook account. It’ll fill the same need). 

Open your browser and head to Log in, then press the Menu catch and recovery Facebook’s landing page to your bookmarks. 

Head to your home screen and long-press on a vacant space. Pick Shortcuts from the menu, select Bookmark, and pick the Facebook bookmark you simply made. Presently you have a Facebook alternate route on your home screen that takes you to a quicker, consent free, more battery-friendly Facebook.

For iPhone

Press and hang on the Facebook application and click the “X” to uninstall it. 

Open Safari, head to, and log in. 

Click on “Share” in Safari’s bottom bar and pick “Add to Home Screen.” Name it according your wish, then tap “Include.” Now you have a Facebook alternate route on your home screen that takes you to a quicker, more battery-saving Facebook. 

iPhone clients won’t perceive as large of a change as Android clients do, yet its value a shot if your Facebook application appears to be slow.

          In the event that you completely require notifications, GeekySplash proposes turning on email notfications rather, which ought to help a bit with the battery issues on Android. How awful Facebook’s application is relies on upon your telephone (the portable site is detectably speedier on Galaxy Nexus), so on the off chance that you find that Facebook’s application is acceptable, then clearly you have no requirement for this tip. At the same time on the off chance that you can’t remained to utilize the authority Facebook application one second more, you’d be amazed how great the portable site is. Separated from a couple of motions and activites, you’ll scarcely perceive a contrast. For chats , Messenger is a good choice.

Written by Suryanarayana Murthy

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