WhatsApp Warning : “This video was removed from your phone because it contained unsafe content”

WhatsApp, the most widely used chatting app on all platforms connecting 1 billion users worldwide. I use WhatsApp daily, just like everyone else. In a WhatsApp group of mine, I was justing checking out old messages. When I clicked on a video that I’ve downloaded, a warning message popped up saying  ” This video was removed from your phone because it contained unsafe content .” You can check the screenshot below.



Firstly, after seeing the message I’ve felt like Oh, that’s harsh man! I didn’t understand why the video had been removed. As we are aware that WhatsApp boasts about its so-called End-to-End Encryption, Nobody can snoop into your messages; your messages are secure, etc ,  but what does this mean?

Later on after sending error reports to WhatsApp and conversations with WhatsApp staff,  they concluded that is a bug ( lol ). Technically, these bugs arise while using beta versions. However, the priority of this message is when a file is corrupted in your internal memory or memory card, WhatsApp does the job when it cannot open the file.

Moreover, this bug is fixed in upcoming updates. If you’re reading this article and face this problem, you must probably update your WhatsApp.

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