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Top 3 Apps for Competitive Exams

When you’re preparing for a competitive exam, you just can’t get enough. I know that feel. You feel books aren’t enough, you need something more.

Then, magazines get cancelled out of the list too, then probably newspapers but even after all of this, your hunger for knowledge isn’t satisfied. I get that much.

That’s just the age problem, this is the age of technology. You are habituated to doing everything on your apps, from buying food to choosing a girl for a date maybe, you want to do everything on an App, right?

Of course that happens, and no your case is not unique, that geeky crave is natural if you’re a product of the 21st century. So well just to feed to your hunger, I’m listing some of the best apps that are around this era to probably ease out the examination stress on you.

Top 3 Apps for Competitive Exams


GK for IAS, MBA or IPS exams:-

From giving out important examinations like CLAT 2016 , XAT 2016 or maybe CAT or even the Gate 2016,to applying for just any Bank Clerk job, make this app your new best friend, because it’s just worth it.

It gives you comprehensive, potentially mind sharpening GK updates , on all the current spicy news which you can’t afford to miss, and are too lazy to read in the newspapers.

The beauty of this app is, it’s available both in Hindi, and in English.

It doesn’t end there, you can also post your own questions, and get answered by real human beings ! Or if you think that’s too much time-consuming, well then you can just checkout the Q&A section, for already posted questions and their answers directly without needing to post your own !

If even that’s not enough for you, well then this App gets you notifications for the Exam of your choice. Important announcements and dates are relied back to you directly from the app, without any extra effort !

Complete Package of Apps for Different Exams

Aptitude Test:-

This is the powerhouse of 21st century examination apps ! It lets you test your self aptitude for any upcoming exam you might be targeting  with its vast list of possible options, that include:-

  • Formulae
  • Solved Problems
  • Practice
  • weekly Tests
  • Daily Test
  • Online Test and
  • Tips and Tricks.

You can even customize the app looks and colours according to your own choices and preferences. Even, a practice mode option is available, that lets you choose a specific are to target, for eg age, area, numbers, profit and loss ! All of that organized in a single free app !

During the live tests, you have a whole long list of available options,

  • 50:50 (takes away two of the multiple choices)
  • A rough work notepad.
  • formula and concepts table
  • and detailed explanation of the problem.

And it doesn’t end there. The app has a beautiful presentation of your performance in the format of a beautiful pie chart popping up at the end of the test ! So it has quality , along with good looks, you looking for anything else?


Math Tricks:-

It’s a super mind charging game, with a list of varied and advanced options !

  • Single Game
  • Multiplayer
  • Joint Game
  • Training Mode
  • and By Heart

So, you can even play this game LIVE, with your real human friends. Pretty advanced huh ? If that’s not enough for you, the “joint” game option will definitely satisfy you.

It lets two people work on the same problem at the same time and solve it ! Now that’s the new definition of cool I’d say.

So, if maths is what’s been scaring you, grab it by the neck and make it into a game, trust me you’ll start loving it.



The above mentioned apps are well rated, and loved by a lot of students all across the globe.

If your parents have ever said that cell phones are just a medium of wasting time, it’s the right time to prove them wrong. And that too, by playing games !

Cracking exams isn’t as hard, if the right approach is taken, and the right approach right now, is apps!

Written by Suryanarayana Murthy

Computer Grad. Web Nerd. Tech Enthusiast. I run this blog ?

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