Reliable tips to secure your password

We all know that passwords protect our private data stored in mobile, email, social networking, net banking, etc, so compromising on weak passwords or not taking enough care to protect your password is a luxury provided to prying eyes.

Just like how curious you are in securing your important things/assets in your routine lives, the same amount of curiosity has to be shown towards protecting your passwords too. Remember, there is no shortage of hackers and internet thieves who often look for vulnerable users that can become a victim of data theft or any other internet fraudulent.


Before we jump into providing tips to secure your password, we will discuss how the password gets exposed.

If you are thinking that why anybody would want to hack my account, you are wrong, there are countless hackers who keenly watch vulnerable accounts and immediately target to hack. The worst case is that sometimes even your friends/relatives/colleagues could hack your account even if he/she is not a professional hacker.

Here are a few ways your passwords can be compromised

Someone knows you very personally: If you have someone who knows you very well and about your personal life can easily make wild guesses or maybe use password recovery options. So be careful with who you indulge with and what amount of personal info you share with them.

You are Brute-Force Attack Victim: Here the hacker is aware of your password pattern or your password generation strategy. The hacker systematically checks all combinations of phrases until the right one is found. Professional hackers know how to do it in a smarter way without leaving a footprint for suspicion.

Heartbleed Bug: Many known websites recently got affected due to heartbleed bug. There is a data breach in the company and hackers found it easy to hack millions of people’s account.

The Heartbleed bug, a newly discovered security vulnerability that puts users’ passwords at many popular Web sites at risk, has upended the Web since it was disclosed. It’s an extremely serious issue, and as such, there’s a lot of confusion about the bug and its implications as you use the Internet.” – CNET

Useful tips to generate and secure your passwords

  • It’s highly recommended to not to include the word ‘password’ in your password. It’s one of the most used and common passwords on the internet
  • Never add your personal information such as your name, nick name, spouse name, kid’s name, birthday, vehicle number, address, telephone number, etc.
  • Always remember that your password should be of anywhere between 8-16 characters.
  • While generating a password, ensure that you use caps, numbers and special characters. This tremendously increases your password strength.
  • Always ensure that the site where you create an account doesn’t say that the password you generate is weak.

Weak passwords example:

  1. ‘nick123’
  2. ‘password’
  3. ‘india’
  4. ‘rose’
  5. ‘gold’

Strong passwords example:

  1. Vjio98**@(()90
  2. iTi900LL&&$90

It is natural that one may wonder how anyone could remember these passwords that are extremely difficult and confusing. The best way to remember these passwords are to store in a separate file where only you have an access to.

Fortunately, we have lots of online tools and sites that can help us generate strong passwords and one such tool is “”. This site has smartly created many attributes that you can choose to generate a password as per your attribute pattern and choice.

Let us know how you generate and secure your passwords. 

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