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Moto 360 – The Most Awaited Android Smart Watch is Out!

Moto 360 – Best among all other Android wear




Smart Watches Era

The wearables/smartwatch movement has been underway for more than a year now.
Till now we’ve seen multiple releases from Samsung, Asus,LG and Sony,all at competitive price points and yet none so far have been anything close to resembling a hit,but is this because people aren’t interested in the concept or is it because they’re waiting for something good?
Those who are yet to buy one – are simply biding their time, waiting for Apple to release its iWatch.The iWatch is a potentially huge release for Apple,
but I’d counter this by saying there’s also plenty of people holding out for the Moto 360 too.



Motorola announces Moto 360 on

Motorola announced on Twitter its Android Wear watch is sold out on check of the Moto website reveals the circular smartwatch is out of stock, though users can sign up to be notified when it’s back in business.UK residents are still sitting on their hands,waiting for the gadget to go on sale in early October and priced at starting at £199 $240



Moto 360 Battery Life

Moto 360 keeps you up to date without taking you away from the moment. Glance at your wrist to see updates or just speak to get the info you need.Keep track of your steps and know your heart rate thanks to a built-in pedometer and heart rate monitor. Enjoy battery life that lasts all day, then just place Moto 360 on its wireless charging dock at night.



According to listing :

On ‘BEST BUY’ MOTO 360 price is  $249.99

Moto 360 Specs

  • Compatibility: Android 4.3 (or higher)
  • Display: 1.5in 320 x 290, 205ppi, Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • Dimensions: 46 x 11mm, 49g
  • Battery: 320mAh (with Qi wireless charging)
  • CPU: TI OMAP 3
  • Memory: 4GB storage, 512MB of RAM
  • Sensors: Pedometer & Optical Heart Rate Monitor
  • Water Resistance: IP67
In fact, it was arguably the most in demand Android Wear watch even while its competitors were preening for attention.And it is available in either black or grey.

Further info on Moto 360

You can buy your MOTO 360 and signup here  for receiving updates directly to your inbox.


If the pricey premium Moto360 isn’t your choice, you can consider smart bands which come at cheaper prices such as Mi Band and Honor Band 3.


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