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Lenovo HW02 Smart Band Review

Lenovo is a technology giant with a number of astounding gadgets in the market. The company is back in the market with one of their best products yet. Their new masterpiece, the Lenovo HW02 is a dynamic wristwatch smart band bound to impress everyone that buys it. It has wonderful features that are very impressive and it weighs only 22 grams. Last time we’ve talked about the , let’s talk about the Hw02 Smartband now.


Lenovo HW02 is a multi-purpose fitness and is especially great for people with active lifestyles. Lenovo HW02 is in the same class with smartphones and tablets. It is compatible with Android 4.4 or above and iOS 8.0 and above. The wristband comes with a mobile app that displays all health data and stats. Below are the reviews of the wonderful Lenovo HW02.


Lenovo HW02 is a typical fitness band with a very smooth OLED display with no frames. The screen is 0.42 inches wide with a touch key mode. The screen is so small that it would be hard to notice it until you see it. The screen of this tracker is scratch free and no matter how careless you are with the tracker, no scratches will appear on the display. It has a pixel resolution of 40x 72 and I don’t think it is easy to read beneath the sunlight.

The clasp is adjustable, smooth, skin friendly, very light and leaves enough room for comfort. It comes in three colours: Black, Orange, and Blue.

Quality of the band

The materials that make the band of the Lenovo HW02 are from skin friendly TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) and TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) as per . It is waterproof giving you no reasons to leave your tracker behind when you go swimming or when you are outdoors. The band comes in orange, black and blue colors.


One of the best specifications of the tracker is its blue tooth connection. The Bluetooth connection serves as a notification reminder and the tracker buzzes when you get a phone call or receives a phon3e message.

The smart band has a memory power of 512k ROM with 64k RAM and Bluetooth version 4.0. The monitor, pedometer, and other additional tracking features make the Lenovo HW02 very different from other heart rate tracking devices. It has a sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring features, a calorie counter feature and carries out motion tracking. The inside of the bracelet holds the heart rate sensor. The size of the bracelet is 20 cm in length and 1.6 cm in width, closed by a two-point print closure.

Battery Performance

One other thing Lenovo company did was give this tracker an impressive battery. Its battery power is 60mah and it has the capacity of 15 days of standby time. The watch takes about 2 hours to fully charge when inserted on a charger with a nil battery level. Even a busy student or anyone working on a long article on , would not have to worry about the battery dying on them.


All functions of the Lenovo HW02 are standard. Its major highlight is the built-in heart rate monitor, which monitors the static and dynamic heart rates making sure every user achieves ideal exercise effects. It has activity tracking features like counting steps, measuring distance and measuring your calories. In case you spend a lot of time without any movement, the tracker’s sedentary reminder makes you get up to do some exercises. It also keeps track of your sleep and reminds you to wake up every morning. Do not worry about your notifications from social media because this smart band delivers them all.

Other features

Lenovo HW02 comes with a warranty policy and a compatible operating system with a 7-day replacement warranty. The package box contains one Lenovo HW02 sports smartwatch, 1 charging cable and an English and Chinese user manual.


Do not miss out on this amazing fitness tracker that is both affordable and stylish. From Amazon’s, new and used Lenovo fitness tracker sells from $35.00 i.e listed as which is a very fair price. Keep track of your fitness routine in style. Get the Lenovo HW02 today.

Written by Sam Livingston

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