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How to keep your Android Safe and Secure

These days, it seems like it’s hard to stay safe online with so many different threats out there. For many of us, we download an antivirus program onto our computers to help us stay protected, but what about your smartphone? As long as it’s connected to the internet, it can be just as susceptible to attack, but many users neglect to do anything about it.  This is a real issue, but fret not, there are antivirus software for mobiles too! We, at GeekySplash, have tried a couple, and here is one we recommend – AVG, a software.


So just how vulnerable is your smartphone from attack? Well, if you have an Android, very! The biggest issue with Android phones is that there are so many different platforms and operating systems that it’s virtually impossible for the developers to keep up with and protect them all. While Apple has one singular OS, Android has thousands.

As a result, you can’t always rely on standard protection software to keep your phone safe from new threats. As hackers develop malware and viruses every day, you have to stay up-to-date to ensure that your phone doesn’t become a liability.

Another reason that you should get antivirus software on your phone is that it can help protect those around you. Much like a real virus, a computer program can spread to other machines and infect them if you’re not careful. You could even be a carrier and not know it while your phone sends out malware to your contacts and emails. Therefore, it’s up to all of us to stay protected so that we all benefit.

So anyway, now that we’ve established that you do need here is why we chose AVG. In a nutshell, because it is the complete package. Most other antivirus dealers provide two, three different applications. AVG saves you the hassle of having multiple apps. Here is a round-up of the top benefits AVG provides:

  • 24/7 Monitoring:

    With AVG on your phone, you can surf the web and leave it connected to the internet without worry. While hackers are trying to get into your phone, AVG is keeping them out all day and night.

  • User-Friendly Interface:

    Some antivirus programs can be somewhat of a hassle because they can be confusing or hard to navigate. AVG is mobile-friendly so that you can run scans, protect your files and activate new protections with a few clicks.

  • Anti-Theft:

    One of the biggest threats that you face is having your phone stolen. Not only can hackers access your data uninterrupted, but they can then sell the device for a profit. AVG puts a stop to this by allowing you to remotely access your phone and shut it down.

  • Device Sync:

    After you see what AVG can do for your phone, you may think that you want it on your computer as well. Fortunately, one account can protect multiple devices, so you don’t need to create a new profile for each system.

  • Free to Use:

    Probably the best feature of AVG is that it costs nothing and yet provides exceptional protection.

That sums up what we wanted to share. As you can see, with our phones being connected to the Internet around the clock, nobody is really safe. Most of us have sensitive info stored on our mobile phones, which is all the more reason to have your phone protected.

Now, there are tons of antivirus software on the market. We reckon AVG is one of the best free ones out there. So, if you aren’t already using an antivirus, we recommend you give it a try. Be glued to this space as we have a couple of real interesting posts coming up soon. Until then, peace.

Written by Suryanarayana Murthy

Computer Grad. Web Nerd. Tech Enthusiast. I run this blog 😎

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