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How to Transfer/Stream files from PC to Android Phone via Wi-Fi



In situations you need files that are on your computer to be transferred into your Android Mobile and you are so lazy to use a USB data cable or when you’d like to watch a movie lying your computer hard disk on your Android Smart phone without copying ( Streaming ) , there are Android Apps which you might be using but don’t have any idea how to use it , which provide all these features . Probably there are many apps which provide these but ES File Explorer File Manager and Air Stream are the best among them.The basic concept of File transfer between Computer and Mobile is through LAN through Wi-Fi

 How to Transfer/Stream all your files from Computer to Android Phone without using USB

Using SHAREit App ( Transfer Only) :

If you are using Laptop , SHAREit helps to transfer files from your Laptop to your mobile through WiFi even if they are not connected on same WiFi. Transfer is done wireless through WiFi and Bluetooth to your phone and this method is not applicable to Desktop PCs as most of them don’t have WiFi accessibility.



How to Transfer/Stream files on your PC using SHAREit:

Install SHAREit Android App on your mobile and also on your PC.
  • After installing on your Android , click on Receive and click on Send in your PC. Select your device in list and its done. Follow the below tutorial for ease.

How to Transfer/Stream files on your PC using ES File Explorer File Manager

 ES File Explorer File Manager is the most widely used Android File Manager. It is easy to use and almost has all features we desire to have in a file manager i.e Hiding a File , Encrypting a File etc. but is not available for Apple devices.
                       To transfer files from your Computer to your Android phone , firstly install ES File Explorer File Manager and you can swipe towards right to find available networks or click on the drop down menu in the left side menu and click on Network and select on LAN
    Your computer name will be displayed here if your computer is connected to the Local Area Network. A typical Local Area Network is as shown in picture below.


When your Computer is connected to the router through whose Wi-Fi you’re using on your Android , then it forms a Local Area Network. LAN may also be between two computers connected through LAN Cable which we are not bothered about in this context.

To use ES File Explorer File Manager , Network of your computer must be set into Homegroup. You can create it simply through Control Panel and search for Homegroup in search panel.

Steps to follow :


  • To view a particular File or Folder of your Computer , Right click on that file and select the option Share with > Specific People 
  • A new window stating Choose people to Share with will be open , Select Guest or Everyone and Add them
  • Change Permission level to Read ( Only to read existing files ) or to Write ( To allow creating new files in the folder or editing the file) and click on Share then click on Done in the next window.
  • You can stop sharing whenever you desire just by Right Clicking on the file and clicking Stop Sharing.


  • Hola! You can now see the files you’ve shared in your ES File Manager and you can transfer or stream movies , videos or use them seamlessly.
  • You may get the error Login fails if you don’t give permissions.
  • You can transfer files in from your computer only when it is Turned On and not in Sleep mode.



How to Transfer/Stream files on your PC using AirStream

Transferring files with AirStream isn’t much complicated as ES File Explorer but AirStream App provides access to all files without restrictions. Good news is that AirStream App is also available for iPhones.

Steps to follow :


  • Download and Install Latest Version of AirStream in your smartphone
  • Click on the menu and Select “Login” ( if not registered , select “Register”)
  • Enter desired credentials in email and password columns.
  •  Then , Download AirStream from and Download & Install the latest version on your computer
  • After Installing , Login with the same credentials you’ve used to register in your mobile
  • By the way , don’t forget to give a Firewall Exception from your computer
  • Hola! Its done. You can transfer or stream files in your PC to your Android Phone seamlessly.
  • You can transfer files in from your computer only when it is Turned On and not in Sleep mode.


Video Guide

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