Google Inbox – Gmail Reloaded with Awesome

Google Inbox  is the new kid came out lately from Google a few days ago. Google says Inbox is built by same people who built Gmail but differs from it and only shows things that only matter.


Google Inbox is simply a new way of checking emails , I mean Gmail is now more beautiful and smart with Google Inbox.


Features of Google Inbox

  • Bundles
  • Highlights
  • Reminders
  • Snooze
Bundles are the categories of emails you get. In every bundle emails are organised in a better manner and we can create a bundle too. In a better way, it is how they are transformed to .


Highlights provide previews to see important emails without opening them.
Reminders  – Making a to – do list and special thing is we can share it with friends even.
Snooze – Muting Reminders

Google Inbox App is available in all mobile platforms.However you need to have a invite from Google to use Google Inbox. To get a invite , mail to [email protected] .

Well , Google Inbox is a crisp of Android Lollipop even.The upcoming version of Android is slowly being introduced starting with Inbox.Google’s Messenger  is expected as another crisp of Android Lollipop.
Android L Mobile to the extreme left
Source : Google

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