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Google Classroom – Submit your assignments on the go !

Remember the days you forgot to bring your homework time and your teacher wouldn’t believe that ?  If Google‘s new Classroom app existed then, you could have just asked you Mom at home to take a picture and submit it through the App. Yeah, Google has just released a iOS and Android App called as Classroom, and it does a couple more things i.e when installed on a device, it comes up along with a bunch of apps.


Moreover Classroom for desktop shows teachers a list of assignments and gives them a view of what works they have reviewed and they haven’t.

Some of the important features include attaching files to share with assignments and teachers as well.Moreover similar to Youtube Offline , Classroom also works offline by caching during using Internet Connection.

This is a great app for students. It allows students to find files on their Drive very easily. The web based program does not allow students to open their folders. Now they can explore as needed.

Students can keep track of on the Assignments in Assignments page and submit them as well.Teachers can quickly acces who completed the work and who haven’t and provide grades and feeback in real time in the app.

The main objective of Classroom is to help teachers create and collect assignments , reducing paperwork including time-saving features like the ability to automatically make a copy of a Google Document for each student. It also creates seperate Google Drive folders for each assignment and for each student to keep everyone organized.



Written by Ashish Pulivarthy

Tech Enthusiast , Cricket Lover :)

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