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Get The Best Quality With Apple Smartphones



     Ever wondered why  Apple iPhone is considered to be superior among all existing smartphones ? Many other mobile companies offer better specifications which include bigger screen, increased GPU and CPU Performance , better battery and a few claim that better marketing of a Apple is the only reason for success of iPhone commercially. However everyone will accept that Apple iPhone has a really great design and build quality than any other smartphone.

        Here are some of impressive engineering details that Apple evolved in their smartphones and mobile operating system iOS.

  • iPhone 4S – Dual-antenna system, improving signal strength. Bluetooth Low Energy Adopter. 7 times improved graphics  over previous generation.
  • iPhone 5 –  Single chip for LTE and voice data, first of its kind. Sapphire lens cover.
  • iPhone 5S –  Fastest and most accurate mobile fingerprint scanner. 64-bit architecture adopter, Secure Enclave – Fingerprint data storage security. Earliest software technologies for image processing.
  • iOS 7: New level of interaction – iBeacons , Integration with Automobiles.

Apple Smartphones evolved a lot since its first iPhone in its features but a few disagree to this. For instance , Apple calls its camera the best among all existing cameras . But Nokia Pureview Camera , Lumia 1020 with Carl Zeiss lens stands with 40 Mega pixel where iPhone stands with 8MP ( including iPhone 6 ). One need to know that a camera’s Megapixel does not define its quality. It is a myth. The megapixels used in a camera provides a better picture sized that helps for printing on bigger sheets but what actually matters for picture quality is a good sensor and aperture size rather megapixel count.


               However Apple Smartphones are claimed not to be technologically advanced though it stands on numero uno position in quality. Yes , Apple does not focuses on making a most technologically advanced  phone. It focuses on making a best phone for most people.That is what Steve Jobs , the founder of Apple believed in. Apple Smartphones are easier to use and to understand its User Interface than Androids , its a proven fact. However in the recent days , all smartphone makers are implementing the same principle and thus making UI more comfortable. 

         The core factor that made Apple ahead of all smartphones is not only the design and architecture. A great design can be imitated and many smartphone makers are implementing that.  What makes Apple so hard to beat is their discipline of sacrifice. It sacrifices adding various advanced features to Apple Smartphones such as disallowing access to file system , not providing file sharing , doesn’t exposing file system etc and the list goes on increasing. In this process it looses a percentage of advanced users who bother about these advanced features to remain the experience better for the rest. This ability of saying a “no” though everyone prefers “yes” makes Apple a better smartphone maker than others.

Written by Suryanarayana Murthy

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