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Educational Apps for Competitive Exam Preparation

With this fast moving world, preparation of competitive exams with the help of educational application have come to a great advantage as these applications make learning more interesting and accessible to the aspirant. Often students prefer learning through these applications when compared to the conventional method of learning. Since these applications create a level of curiosity and determination in the aspirant, making them learn more.  These competitive exams are conducted every year in which thousands of candidates appear after their 12th or engineering for exams like NEET, JEE, GATE, etc. Educational applications also set a platform for aspirants to rank themselves based on their tests, similar to the ranking procedures that take place in competitive exams. These features engage the aspirant to become better every day. Here are some apps that can help you prepare for exams efficiently without getting bored.


 Math tricks Apps

Speedy mathematical calculation is a key feature for these competitive exams. These applications help the candidates to speed up their calculation and improve their math skills. It provides the users with different options available in the application with each option intended to teach the user tricks and shortcuts to do calculations faster. These applications have games based on the difficulty level set by the user to make learning more interesting.

 General Knowledge Apps

Staying up to date with the current affairs and general knowledge is very important to ace the GK/current affairs section in competitive exams. These applications help the aspirants to prepare comprehensively and make them ready for the big day. It provides mock test and previous year’s questions to help the candidates to be aware of the pattern of this section. Also, provide features to engage the users to stay updated with the current affairs in a better way.

 Aptitude Test and Preparation Apps

Applications like Byju’s – The Learning App provide the aspirants with 3D Animations and In-air projections making the students understand and visualize the topic in detail to have a clear understanding of the CBSE concepts. This application provides personalized education through the adaptive learning technique. Hence the students can now learn at their own pace and get their progress report to know their weak and strong areas. Byju’s – The Learning App also provides games like ‘Quizzo’ which test the candidate’s knowledge based on the topics they have learned, in an adaptive testing manner i.e. the levels of the test increase with every correct answer and decrease with every wrong answer. This technique helps the candidates to learn the concepts better when an answer is marked wrong so that a strong foundation is set for competitive exams.

The aspirants can also subscribe to the Byju’s YouTube channel for a better understanding of the topics to crack these competitive exams.


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