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Controlling Cyber-bullying and digital habits – Role of Parental Control Apps

Parenting may be a challenging and difficult task. It does require a lot of efforts and tries to build a relationship of trust between you and your child. And what concerns most of the parents, even more, is the safety of their children.

Knowing for sure that your child doesn’t give in to peer pressure and cyberbullying is the privilege now. Many parents don’t feel confident that their child is fine when they aren’t around. For this reason, a lot of parents start using a cell phone tracker app to monitor the activity of their kids.

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How does a Monitoring App work?

You need to install the cell phone tracker app on your child’s mobile phone to start tracking their activity. After the installation, you’ll have to set up the app and customize the monitoring features to track the cell phone of your kid. Once it is done, the app will start recording the activity performed on the mobile phone. 

Almost every tracker software for cell phones works in the background mode. They copy the collected activity to your panel. Once logged in, you can check your child’s location, sent and received text messages and much more, depending on the application. We’ve quoted few best monitoring applications here.

What data does a Monitoring application collect?

Monitoring software allows parents to get an extensive overview of their child’s online activity and digital habits. Usually monitoring app covers many features, which help parents to keep on top of their child’s screen time.

Photos & videos monitoring

It allows parents to access their kid’s photo gallery. So, you can view the pictures they take as well as images they download from the Internet.
Some tracking apps even collect video previews and transfer to the user’s Panel. Monitoring photos and videos stored on your child’s cell phone you can check how do they spend their free time and what thing they like/dislike.

Apps blocking

Children usually install as many apps, as fits on internal storage of their cell phones. But not many of those are useful or suitable for the kid.
Using these monitoring apps, you can view the list of installed apps and block the ones you find inappropriate for your child. Apps blocking feature helps parents to control how much time do their kids waste playing mobile games and what other apps do they use.

GPS location tracking & Geofencing

Modern applications for cell phones keeps parents updated on the location of their children. With the help of the tracking apps, you can always know where your child is at the moment.

Some applications also cover geofencing. Geofencing triggers the notification every moment the child surpasses the set geofence. In other words, you will be notified when your child enters or leaves school premises or any other pre-defined area.

Content filtering

Early exposure to inappropriate material is the problem known for every parent. But the only solution to prevent exposure to the adult material is to apply filtering tools.

Monitoring apps does help to filter online content and restrict access to dangerous platforms. You need to add the particular website to the blacklist to enable filtering. After the site is blacklisted, the child won’t be able to enter it.

Instant messenger monitoring

Instant messaging apps like Snapchat and Facebook messenger are now more popular among children than social media networks. A few tracking apps don’t lag behind the technology and allow their users to monitor chats in instant messengers.


By reading messages exchanged in messengers, parents can rest assured their kids doesn’t interact with cyberbullies, abusers and strangers. 
Deciding on the right tracker app for cell phones, pay attention to the features mentioned above. If the tracker app has all the specified options, it will be able to grant you a powerful monitoring experience.

Wrapping things up, the appropriate tracking app for you is the one that covers all necessary features. 

Written by Sam Livingston

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