Best 5 Monitoring Apps for your mobile

Are in a situation where your smartphone is always in the hands of people who might make wrong use of it? Like your children who might use it to access inappropriate sites in the Internet or employees and colleagues who might access to personal or business information from your phone? Use a keylogger software on your smartphone to keep your data safe. You can use this app to keep watch on the activities on the smartphone of any other person also.

Disclaimer: You might have heard about keyloggers during some cyber security, hacking stuff. But we at Geekysplash do not encourage any unethical practices and the information we are providing is for monitoring or spying your children or anyone else to keep them safe and secured.

What is Keylogger software?

A keylogger app is a means to have an access and track every keystroke performed in the smartphone on which this app is downloaded and installed. The keylogger is mostly used by cyber criminals or spies who, with the help of the keylogger software, gain access to all the information brought up or stored in a particular device.

There are many android keylogger apps available in the market but not all have the advanced features they claim to have and you can be misguided in an effort to find good keylogger software for you. Following are some of the best keyloggers doing the rounds in the virtual markets which might be just right for you. Have a look:

  1. MobiStealth Android Keylogger:

The Mobistealth app has gained a presence in the world of keylogger software because of its all-in-one app features. As it works in a stealth mode the user of the target app remains unaware of its presence and the app silently keeps doing its job of sending the complete data of all the keys logged by the user of the target app to the Mobistealth account of the user of the app. There are also other features of this app like it can also track the browser history and call details of the target app and can also provide real-time location of the user of the device with the keylogger app. The best part about this app, when installed on an Android device, is that the device does not need to be rooted for the download of this app.

  1. mSpy keylogger:

Holding a monopoly in the Android keylogger market, mSpy has reached this position due to its dedication to providing reliable data through the app to its users. Apart from viewing all the keystrokes made on the target phone, the user of the app can further view all the following details about the target device:

  • tracking call history and contact list
  • track the login id and passwords of all emails and apps in the device
  • access to the browsing history
  • IM’s and multimedia files
  • Geo-fencing feature which can help you build a virtual boundary, which when crossed by the device, is immediately notified to the user of this app.

More information about this app can be accessed on and check for yourself the amazing features of the mSpy keylogger.

  1. Spyera:

The Spyera app is an example of how advanced technologies can be put to use for making and exemplary app. The mobile activities recorded by this app is gained after an in-depth analysis of the activities and then sent to your Spyera account for your perusal. The best thing about this app is that you can listen to real-time live calls received or sent and also pinpoint the location from where the call is received or sent. You also have an option of recording these calls for further reference and proof.  Its ambient recording feature is useful to listen to and record the voices around the target device.

All the above-mentioned apps work perfectly well on an Android device with versions starting from Android 4, Android 4.1, Android 4.4 and Android 5.

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