Best 4G VoLTE Mobiles in India by various brands

After Jio 4G advent last year, VoLTE has been considered as a requirement for mobile buyers. Of course, everyone wants free calls. Though there are complaints and issues regarding voice clarity, it still serves the purpose. This major feature of Jio4G and their free internet offers made all other telecom operators suffer losses.

Moving forward, VoLTE is a much-needed feature now. We’ve done a little research on sorting out mobiles with VoLTE feature starting from cheapest and mobiles with good reviews. Please note we’ve ignored a few mobiles with bad reviews and not-so-recognized companies.

Cheap and Best 4G VoLTE Mobiles in India by Brands

I just want to quote a few phones which offer VoLTE but come up with poor specifications and with/without Android. Let me quote a few mobiles which are still worth to mention.

Swipe Mobiles

I’d first like to talk about Swipe. Swipe is an India-based startup launching mobiles frequently and using the craze for VoLTE tech present in the market. Also, Swipe is working on their Android-based OS called the Freedom OS. On the other hand so called Nuts Guts and Glory: Micromax, another notable Indian company, hasn’t even dared to do that.

Swipe Konnect 5.1 Eco

It is the cheapest Android phone with VoLTE and fair specifications at this price. User reviews are mediocre complaining about its poor performance, and I don’t recommend to buy it as it comes with 512MB RAM and Android Marshmallow, which I don’t think has enough memory for the user to experience Android. Priced at Rs.2999/- at Flipkart.

There are notable new releases such as Intex Aqua 4G Mini and other phones such as Intex Aqua 4G, Micromax Bharat 2 and many other phones. I do not recommend any other Android phone with less that 1GB RAM and hence skipped them.

Swipe Konnect Star

Comparatively a better product than all quoted above product with fair reviews. This handset is fine up to connectivity and usage but has draining battery and heating issues (Can’t ask more for this price). Comes with 1GB RAM and 16GB Internal Memory, priced at Rs. 3,799/- at Flipkart.

There are other Swipe Mobile phones such as Swipe Elite Star which is performing well in sales, not quoting them as they have relatively same features and minor price changes.

Xiaomi Mobiles

We can call Xiaomi as the MVP (Most Valuable Player) in all price ranges, be it below 10K, below 15K , Xiaomi is the best in launching phones with good specs at an economy. Xiaomi is now a company that no longer needs an introduction.

The best mobiles from Xiaomi starting from least cost are

Xiaomi Redmi 4A

I recommend buying this phone if you are a user just want to buy a phone for VoLTE and also for decent performance. Redmi 4A is my best choice in the whole list and is worth every penny of yours. It comes with a 13MP primary camera and SnapDragon 425, 2GB+ 16GB Internal Storage, priced at Rs.5999/- at Mi Store. If you have the budget, blindly buy it.

Xiaomi Redmi 4

If you’re looking for a fingerprint scanner to the Redmi 4A, this is the pick. It is priced at Rs.6999/- at Mi Store all the remaining features are the same.

There are higher version variants in Redmi 4 like 3GB and 4GB RAM with 32 GB and 64 GB Internal Memory respectively, in case you’re looking for more performance.

Samsung Mobiles

Do you know that Samsung is still top in the Indian Mobile Market? Though we see a lot of promotions and advertisements saying XYZ number of mobile phones sold out in 0.0001 seconds in flash sales, Dual Flash selfie Experts, blah blah; Samsung is still strong both in online and offline mediums. Though tech savvy people and some youngsters take specifications and features of the device while buying, most of the people believe in Samsung’s brand value. Samsung is been in India more than a decade, and there is no doubt in saying Samsung is a trusted brand since then after Nokia. Also, Samsung’s after sales support is impressive.

Talking about  with VoLTE, there are Samsung Z4, few phones from Samsung J series and Samsung On Series.

Samsung Z4

Samsung Z4 isn’t an Android phone. It works on Tizen OS. Tizen OS isn’t a great choice in the Android era. You can’t have apps as you want to and the freedom. I say Samsung Z4 is a feature phone with touch screen. On the other side, it has 1 GB of RAM and as it is non-Android with an average chipset, it ought to work faster. It is priced at Rs.5790/- at Flipkart.

Samsung J series

Samsung J Series comes with 8MP Camera and 2GB RAM+ 16 GB Internal Memory, having specifications nearly to Xiaomi Redmi 4 series priced between 7K-8K Rs. at Flipkart. Also few mobiles from Samsung On Series offer VoLTE with higher specs and price.

LYF Mobiles

LYF Mobiles is an Indian Mobile Company owned by Reliance, the same house where Jio belongs to. LYF mobiles are released like a pourdown into the market with many models and a few are received well by the consumers. Though their after sale service has been pathetic and there also major issues with their phones, few models from LYF Mobiles are worth to mention. Few mobiles priced around 5K are been Out of Stock since a long time, which may be considered as a discontinuation of those models. Some of the notable models are LYF F1S Water, LYF Water F1 which come with recent battery and are priced around Rs.8000/- sold both at Amazon and Flipkart.


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