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Apple’s Beats Music Service to be available for Android

Apple had started Beats service in 2014 for a contract of $3 billion for their iOS users. Earlier this month it seems Apple has planned to launch Beats music service for Android users(for the Windows phone users there is no news as of now). As planned the android users are expected to have access to the Beats app in early 2015. The application will be available from the Google play store. However, the pricing is to be yet decided by the two companies. Apple is expanding its Beats services to compete with the current leading services such as Spotify.


Using Beats services Android users can stream their cloud music as well as their personal music stored on the device. The Beats services for the iOS users have been very satisfying and we shall wait to see if the Beats service can improve the music experience for the Android users. However, we will have to look forward to the official announcement from Apple which is likely to be at WWDC 2015 (WorldWideDevelopersConference 2015) event.

Although, both the Beats music service and Spotify provide a great music experience. We are yet to find out which of these will emerge as leading service. The features will be similar to that of the iOS, providing details like song title, lyrics and the Just for you feature. Just for you feature gives you suggestions by keeping track of your listening history.

Apple is currently working to integrate Beats music service into Android. For the further features and updates regarding this application, we should wait until the WWDC 2015. The WWDC event this year will be most probably held in June.

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