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Apple Watch : More awesome than iPhone 6

Apple Watch ( also called as i Watch), an Apple.Inc ‘s proud iOS wear which was unveiled along with iPhone 6 .Here we go with the complete guide of Apple Watch.Many people were dissappointed with the curved design of iPhone6 but satisfied with the awesome Apple Watch.
Apple Watch comes up with 3variant models
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch Sport
  • Apple Watch Edition

Here’s a snap of all the three Apple Watches in clear

Each variant model has about 5-6 color variants again. The difference between these three variants is simply the design and nothing more than that. Apple Watch Edition is expected to have a higher price than the other two , as it is coated with 18 carat gold.The simple Apple watch comes with stainless steel with Sapphire crystal and Sport comes up with anodized aluminium cases in silver with Ion-X glass.


Apple Watch Heart Rate Sensor
Apple Watch is really better while compared to Android Wear in all ways .It uses multiple technologies in conjunction with iPhone to keep time within 50 ms of the definitive global time standard. And automatically updates local time when you travel.For alerts and notifications it makes a gentle tap when you receive an incoming message. You can use it as a walkytalky with all other people using Apple Watch.Apple Watch also focusses on Fitness. It has got HeartBeat sensors and other sensors that monitors the body and displays stats like motion etc on screen.
                 It works entirely on a single chip calling it S1.It’s got a special kind of charger socket on its back . It uses a special kind of technology called as MagSafe Technology featuring Inductive charging.The magnet of the connector connects automatically to the socket as shown the picture below.

Apple Watch Charging

List of Apps in Apple Watch

Basic Apps 


Heartbeat sensor working and Exercise App


Here’s a list of all apps of the Apple watch.


Here’s short iWatch Official  Video . Have a look

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