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Apple is gonna Live Stream The iPhone Event tomorrow !!

Soo Far ……

Apple has unveiled (with plenty of notice for once) that it will live stream the event it’s holding tomorrow i.e., September 9 at 10 AM PT,which means users will be able to tune in on their devices,so long as they can run Safari 5.1.10 or later on desktop or Safari on iOS 6 or later.

Apple event live streaming hangout


Apple TV owners with second or third-generation devices can also catch the action.
Typically,Apple has been providing live video feeds of its events alongside the invitations for select members of the press and tech community to attend oneself.This means people can watch at the same time as the announcements are made.As usual,however,Apple requires a specific setup to be
able to participate,which favors users that already own either a Mac, an iOS device or an Apple TV.


Those who are keeping track, what we expect is the reveal of the new iPhone 6 (with two possible sizes) i.e., an Apple wearable ( iWatch) and also possibly a new iPad Air  at tomorrows event .


Those all willing to catch up the official release of the iphone 6 can visit

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