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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Bends! Is this the Apple Phone’s new feature ?

Thinking of not using a case to your iPhone ? Perhaps you need to do so. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users on Twitter appear to be discovering little, however detectable curves simply near the handsets volume controls. Front-pocket stockpiling is all it takes to give the handset a delicate slant, as indicated by a few users it might be bent different ways as well.


Some say that additional tight pants are at fault, however its truly an issue of building materials – the iPhone 6 and 6+ use an aluminum body spread over a more extensive zone than any past iPhone. Aluminum is a regularly delicate metal; with enough weight and influence, its going to twist, and a few holders reported comparative issues with the iPhone 5. Metallurgy aside, however, its still a potential disadvantage for Apple clients considering overhauling.

You can see the bend test of iPhone 6 Plus here. (Presented by Unbox Therapy )

iPhone 6 Bend Test 

LG trolled Apple iPhone 6!

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