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Amazon Echo – Beauty Outside, Awesome Inside

  Amazon Echo is a device which gives you any information you ask for related to news,music,reminders and keeps track of your location to give you weather updates.Its a hands-free bluetooth device which keeps track of your voice across your room.Over a period of time it adapts your voice and your preferences.Echo’s reply is instant as it connects to Amazon’s server.


Amazon Echo has made it easy to access your music from applications such as iTunes and Spotify. It understands commands such as pause,play,skip and repeat.Amazon is working on updates to integrate many other music services into Echo.Using Echo is simple,you just have to start with the wake word like Amazon or Alexa. when Echo identifies the wake word it starts responding and acts accordingly.Apart from its music feature this device is also productive,it answers any kind of questions regarding current affairs across the world and as well as in your locality.Echo is also an educational source,provides you with  information from Wikipedia.


Features of Amazon Echo

  • It is a 360 speaker with a light ring.
  • It is cylindrical with 9.25 inch height and 3.27 inch diameter.
  • It consists of a 2.5 inch woofer with bass boosters.
  • It has seven built-in microphones array around it to detect your voice from any direction.
  • It has an action button and microphone on/off button.

Amazon Echo is now available from the Amazon’s official website.Buying a Amazon Echo requires an invite.You can request an invitation from the Amazon website by registering with your
e-mail.Amazon Echo comes with black colour and costs $199.However,Amazon has given a limited offer for selected invitees on saving $100.Amazon is working on updates to improvise Echo,updates are automatically installed as its connected to Amazon cloud.

For getting an invite and for more details you can check here

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