YU Yufit – Features, Review, Price, Gallery

The Micromax sub-brand YU  is coming up with the launch of its wearable Yufit, fitness band to be precise. YU Televentures announced two accessories Yufit and HealthYU during the launch of its mobile Yuphoria on 12th May this year. YU Yuphoria has been a hit in the market selling 140,000 units in 7 Amazon Flash Sales. If you can’t get one check my article how get a YU Yuphoria on a flash sale easily.




YU Yufit – Price, Release Date, Specifications, Gallery

Coming to the point, YU Yufit was expected for sale in June itself but it has been delayed due to some unknown reasons. It has been already announced that the price of Yufit is Rs.999/-  only. There’s been a buzz from YU that Yufit will be released by July end. We will update the information if there is any change in the release date.


Release Date Confirmed :

Registrations from 21st July and sales mostly from 29th July.



The Yufit powered by Healthify Me is a simple rubberized band having sensors to track your daily activities. Yufit has an OLED  touch display by which a user can easily switch device modes. Yufit notifies users with new messages, missed calls and mails.




YU Yufit Features Infographic [UPDATED]




Yufit connects to the Healthify Me application on your device which monitors your health and fitness levels every moment. The Healthify Me application is designed to coach its users to get in good shape. Healthify Me provides various kinds of exercises, workouts, diet controls and weight loss tips from which a user can choose accordingly.


Yufit users will get expert advises from a team of dietitians and trainers according to your schedule and daily activities. Yufit provides many other features regarding activity graphs, fitness summary, weight tracking. Yufit comes with a waterproof design.



What’s Good with Yufit?


  • OLED touch Display
  • Instant notifications
  • Water resistant
  • Sensors to monitor health every moment
  • Light weight


What’s Bad with Yufit?

  • Average battery life
  • Display is hardly visible under sunlight


  • Yufit has OLED display which the Mi Band lacks
  • The 41 mAh battery of Mi Band provides a better life than Yufit
  • Mi Band has a better design with Dow Corning TPSiV than the Yufit’s silicon Band
  • Yufit comes only in black color whereas Mi Band comes in six different colors

Final Words

Yufit is advisable for those who are looking for a low-cost fitness gear. Although Mi Watch does the same job as Yufit in the fitness watches niche, a display adds up to Yufit which makes it superior. Yufit battery takes a while long to charge as it doesn’t have a USB charger and this sacrifice of USB is to ensure Yufit is complete waterproof without any slots on it.

Updates on Yufit

YU teases Yufit Launch


Watch this space for more….
Posted by YU on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It’s definitely Yufit because the Hour Glass symbolizes time and + sign is of health and sparkles signifies an OLED display. There’s even a buzz that it will on sale at Amazon.
Yufit had been discontinued and is nowhere in the market for a while. Though it received mediocre reviews from the audience with issues such as low battery and worst display, it was a great alternative to the Mi Band. Now with the MI Band 2 and the later Honor Band 3 taking the market over by storm, Yufit slowly faded out.

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