Snappening – Snaps in your SnapChat are not Safe!

Thousands of Snapchat images may have been hacked through a third-party image-saving service

We know Snapchat is a popular social messaging service lets people send each other self-destructing pictures.Before we forget about the iCloud , Apple’s Private Cloud of Images hack ( Fappening ) ,SnapChat Private Cloud of Image Database is claimed to be hacked also they will upload a searchable database featuring hundreds of thousands of images that SnapChat users hoped were self-destructing.So if the leak is true it would be called Snappening.


The truth of this matter is hard to confirm right now, but earlier this week an anonymous user said he had hacked into the SnapChat image-saving service’s cloud server and some pictures were apparently posted on 4chan ( a image hosting site) as proof.

There are allegedly 2 Million of these images, and the hackers claim they are preparing a site where they will be searchable by the victims’ Snapchat user IDs.

“We can confirm that Snapchat’s servers were never breached and were not the source of these leaks,” Snapchat said in an emailed statement on Friday.

Let us wait for a few days to know the truths of this.May be we can really see our own leaked SnapChats !

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