Similar Image Finder for Windows 10

Review of Clone Files Checker (CFC) duplicate finder for Windows 10.

clone file checker

CFC roots out duplicate images, wallpapers gathered through digital cameras, and as a consequence helps you free up tonnes of storage space. You don’t even need to have all of those images lined up in a single folder. CFC will scan the whole hard disk or selected drives/ folders (as per your selection) and the end results will be pleasing. You can also scan your Google Drive using this utility.

Features of the Similar Image Finder Windows 10 (CFC):

You can download CFC after reading about its functions described here.

  • Choose an Action: Delete the duplicates permanently or review them in a listbox. Choose an individual action to be performed on similar image duplicates.
  • Save Duplicate Image List to a File: Save all results into a CSV file to review them at a later point of time.
  • Preview Box: The Preview Box shows preview of text documents, music files, images and videos.
  • Identify Wasted Disk Space: Clone Files Checker shows detailed information about the number of duplicates found, total disk space wasted by dupes.
  • Reduces file searching time: Spend more time working, less time searching your files.
  • Eliminates Sync Issues: Synchronization issues occur when there are too many identical files on your hard disk. Remove the duplicates and get rid of file synchronization issues.
  • Byte-by-byte Scan & SHA1: The ultra-powerful search engine of Clone Files Checker supports Byte-by-Byte and SHA1 scan types.
  • Identify Duplicate Image Files with Different Names: Clone Files Checker is intelligent similar image finder for Windows 10 and it is enough to detect and identify similar images that contain the same content, yet they have been named differently. For example: DSC1000 and Image 1544.
  • Identify Duplicates from Different Drives: CFC scans for duplicates located across different drives, directories, sub folders.
  • Compatible with Removable Media: Clone Files Checker scans duplicates on removable media such as USB Sticks, External Hard Disk.
  • Compatible with Rewriteable Discs: If you’re using a rewriteable disc to store your image files, Clone Files Checker can find and delete duplicates from it.
  • Cloud Scan Option: The cloud scan option provides the user with the ability to search for duplicates on different cloud services, such as Google Drive.
  • Skips Operating System Files: You don’t have to worry about any damage happening to the Operating System files. As default, Clone Files Checker excludes all important system and program files.
  • Avoid Confusion while Searching Files: Windows Search will no longer include identical files into the search results. This helps pick up the right file, and avoid confusion with files with the same name/ content.
  • Supports Different File Types: Clone Files Checker supports various file types namely documents, music, spreadsheet, presentations, videos, movies, images, compressed files and so on.
  • Fuzzy Matching: Fuzzy matching is an algorithm employed by Clone Files Checker that matches image files with identical filenames to ensure the whole scan process is more speedy as well as accurate.
  • Remove 0-bit Files: By configuring the program settings properly, you can remove the 0-bit image files from the Search Results.
  • Specify File Version to Take Action: You may specify an image file version while deleting / moving files. For example: Newer/ older version.
  • Easy to Distinguish Files: CFC classifies your files into various tabs to help distinguish them in an easier manner.
  • Insanely Fast & Powerful Search Engine: Clone Files Checker scans the whole hard disk within few minutes, and scans specific folders / drives with lightening speed too.
  • One-Click Action: A single click is enough to take action on duplicates and recover valuable storage space. You may move them to a new folder, or permanently delete them.

Written by Sam Livingston

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