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Review: Trackmyfone Monitoring App


I am a profound admirer of new tech and innovation that
inspires living. Trackmyfone is the latest piece of mastery that can be
extremely useful for parents to manage their parenting lives.
So basically it’s an app that I can install on any iOS or
Android device so to remotely view data stored on it. Thoughit may not sound
like a big deal but imagine how you can elevate your relationship with your
kids by understanding them better. This can be done by critically analyzing
their phone logs, chats and other related smartphone activity. You can also
learn about their friendships, people that interest them or the places they
visit, all of it, through Trackmyfone monitoring app.

First, let me give you a little taste of some extraordinary
features of this app:

logs tracker:
a basic feature that’s an appendage for any good smartphone
monitoring app. it lets your track incoming, outgoing and missed calls,
browsing history, SMS conversations, emails, contacts and even calendar

Just imagine how would it feel like, all the contentment, while
your kids have gone out for school or with friends, you purely focus on your
work because you can check their whereabouts with just a single click. It also
lets you restrict your kids’ location by creating geo-fences.

and Viber monitoring:
you can also view multimedia or chats from apps like
WhatsApp, Facebook, and Viber etc. With this facility, parents can ensure that
their kids are not victimized by online harassers, pedophiles or bullies. Leaving
your kids onlineand unmonitored has never been a good option, especially in the
current scenario with rising online threats.

    Why to Buy Trackmyfone?

    Apart from its features, the app has a smooth online control
    panel from where the target devices are controlled. It’s extremely affordable
    with price as low as $7.49/month and offers a variety of packages and payment
    options. There is also a Non-Jailbreak edition for those who are not very good
    with jailbreaking their iOS devices.

    What’s The Downside?

    Honestly, there isn’t much to talk on this part but I would
    like to mention few minor deficiencies in features, like a filtering option
    would have been great that can let me control which apps can be used by my kids
    and for what duration. However, the remote control feature is still not a bad
    substitute, which can let me lock my kids’ smartphones.

    TrackMyFone monitoring app is definitely worth a try. Make sure next time your kids won’t go out
    without this app on their smartphones. 
    Guest Post by Hanry James

    Written by Suryanarayana Murthy

    Computer Grad. Web Nerd. Tech Enthusiast. I run this blog :-)

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