Why Online Shopping Is Cheaper Than Offline?



I am sure that many of you have shifted to online shopping for not just the ease of it but also it has meant significant savings in terms of money and time spent on buying the product. While earlier it was often rubbished off saying that the cheap price is essentially due to inferior quality of goods that is peddled, all which is changing for good now. Increasingly you have stores delivering quality product at a reasonable rate. Not just that, online stores are also increasingly trying to better the product quality and overall customer experience including returning the product and getting a replacement.

Reduced Storage Cost

Most times you will notice, online shopping allows sellers to store the same products for much longer in the warehouse and sell them without significantly ruining the profit margin. This practice in itself results major savings for customers who then don’t have to buy the most current products at a significant premium.

Also the online platform streamlines any potential dialogue opportunity with the customers and this direct dealing also leaves a limited scope for confusion and the customer is better aware of the selling conditions, norms and directives.

Wider Customer Base

Compared to the number of customers than a brick and mortar store can target at any given point of time, an online store can any day look for a significantly large number of customers. This is simply because the reach of an online store is relatively larger as compared to an online store and can target multiple locations at the same go.

Given the easy availability and improved services of the courier companies, delivery time of the shopped goods has also improved significantly and customers now no longer have to wait unendingly to get their goods delivered.

Price Comparison Sites

There are many price comparison sites which also help buyers take the smartest and cheapest route and these kinds of sites also compel sellers to keep their costs competitive to remain relevant and attract more customers. Most importantly a buyer gets the same experience as visiting multiple shops in one go and can make an informed choice about where to buy their products to maximise their final gain.

Time Efficient

It goes without saying that online shopping also means a lot of savings for the customers. They do not have to incur any fuel cost to go all the way to the shops to get their products or spend time waiting in traffic jams or at the parking lot of the malls waiting to enter the malls.

Additionally in the shop they have to wait for their turn to be catered too. All that is completely streamlined in an online store where the customer can look at the products at their convenience, make a wish list, put in a cart and buy when convenient.

Multiple Payment Options

Customer convenience is the primary mantra of online shopping experience. Therefore it is needless to mention that this fundamental factor is well incorporated in the payment methodology. Not only do customers get to choose between credit and debit cards but they even have the option to buy using payback points or redeem reward points on their purchase.

Trendy Look

Another interesting advantage is that buyers can definitely can a lot more trendier look than what they find in a brick and mortar set up. The 1000s of products available inevitably gives a far better chance to the buyers to get t-shirts, jeans, casual wears of their choice in a way that can be hardly matched by physical shops. Even on strict budget users can find a multitude of trendy T-shirt option just on the basis of the huge choice base. For example check paytm offers, there you can see many discounts, deals and coupon codes, so many options in online shopping.


Online shopping no doubt packs in a multitude of good things in one go for the customer. The idea is the buyer is able to access maximum options at minimum cost and gets the best bargain in return at no additional expense sitting at the convenience of their living room. In case you are confused which site to choose while buying apparels, here is your list for the collection of best bargains and the most trendy apparel collections gathered by popular coupon portal. This will give you a real time analysis of the good, better and the best online options to buy quality products at a reasonable rate.

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