Your Guide to Understanding Electronic Visitor Management System

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Initially, the system of visitor management was not much sophisticated and advanced. Most of the tasks were performed manually like the record keeping of the data of visitors, issuing of badges having manual stamps and no electronic symbols or identification markers and so on. But with the advancement in technology and discovery of latest equipment, the visitor management system became a separate field, and it included many different techniques. The experts introduced these techniques in every single step right from the recording of the visitors’ data to their identification and verification as well. The most highly advanced system of visitor management at present is the electronic visitor management system.

Objective of electronic visitor management system

The main objective of introduction of the electronic visitor management system is to when they come to pay a visit to your facility. This system is the electronic version of the log book of visitors which used to be present previously in the organizations. Usually, the visitors’ sign-in sheets or log books were there in different places, and now the experts have replaced them with the electronic record keeping and tracking devices. With the electronic visitor management system, the signing in of the visitors and keeping the record of their data has become much easier and efficient. This system also includes the improved ability for tracking the visitors.

Working of the electronic visitors management system

The working of an electronic visitor’s management system is simple, and it is not complicated as it was thought to be in the beginning. There is a record of signing in the information of the visitors on the computer as compared to the paper sheets used previously. There is a receptionist in every organization who records the name and other essential particulars of the visitors upon his or her approaching on the reception desk. After that, the receptionist prints the temporary badge for the visitor which the visitor has to wear throughout the visit to the organization. It is mandatory for the visitor to leave the badge to the receptionist before leaving the location. With the returning of the badge, the receptionist signs the visitor out. It is a simple electronic visitor management system procedure. In this procedure, there is no such thing as tracking or record keeping. However, in much sensitive areas and security concerned organizations, these tasks are also performed. For those purposes, some other highly advanced practices and equipment are also there. An overview of this equipment is as follows:

Major parts of the electronic visitor management system

There are following basic components of the electronic visitor management system. These are considered integral parts of every visitor management system.

  • Software for visitor management system: There is a software development for the visitor management system and their software is responsible for running the electronic visitor management system. The installation of this software on the desk computer of the receptionist helps in efficient working of the system.
  • Printer for badges of visitors: There is a requirement of a small printer to print the badges of the visitors coming to the organization. There is a direct attachment of this printer with the computer containing software for visitor management.
  • Device for scanning the cards: This device is optional, and it is not necessary to keep it. It not only expedites the system of visitor management but also increases the accuracy level of information collection and sorting out. While scanning the driving license of the visitor, the scanner can also capture the picture which the operator can later place on the visitor’s badge.
  • Camera: The camera is there for capturing the pictures of the visitors for record keeping and for printing on the badge when desired.
  • Signature pad: There is an electronic signature pad connected to the computer, and it captures the signature of the visitor when required. It is useful while signing the acknowledgment of policies or agreements which are not allowed for disclosing. Later on one can also put these signatures on the visitor’s badge.
  • Scanner for reading the barcode: The connection of barcode scanner with the computer helps in decoding and entering the barcodes on the visitor management system. It is helpful in scanning the printed bar code which is present on the badge of the visitor. This scanning can help in a quick signing in and sign out of the visitors.

Advantages of having the electronic visitors’ management system

The sophisticated and verified electronic visitor management system helps in providing following benefits which are not possible to achieve from the manual visitor record keeping system.

  1. It is easy to record the accurate and consistent information of visitors.
  2. Quick printing of the visitor’s badge having a photo on it is possible because of the electronic system.
  3. The storage of information of visitor on the database of the computer allows the creation of activity reports at a quick pace.


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