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Airtel had launched 4G services in India in 2012. Airtel 4G was started in Kolkata and in a span of three years, it has its services in 10 states covering 25 major cities. Airtel 4G provides its users with a downloading speed up to 5 times faster than its 3G speed. Airtel 4G SIMs are now available for both postpaid and prepaid users. Airtel proves to be the fastest network in India. Airtel India is now delivering free Airtel 4G SIMs to its users. Hurry! Get your own Airtel 4G SIM at your doorstep to enjoy internet at High speeds.


Its good news for Airtel users with a 4G handset, Airtel has made upgrading from 3G to 4G easy and free. To own a 4G SIM Airtel users need not visit the Airtel store. Airtel has introduced a home delivery service where Airtel users can easily order their 4G SIM from their home itself. All you have to do is tweet using #GetAirtel4Gfrom your 4G handset. Once the user tweets he will get a reply from @AirtelIndiaproviding a link. The user is directed to a link where he can provide the required details to book a 4G SIM. The user will shortly receive his 4G SIM free of cost at his home. The user can track to see if his Airtel 4G SIM is ready by visiting Airtel. I got my Airtel4G SIM right at my home within 4 hrs!.

Airtel users need not worry about the prices of the 4G plans. Airtel is now providing its users 4G speeds with the same 3G costs. So, wait no long book your 4G SIM right now by just a tweet #GetAirtel4G. To test Airtel 4G you can walk into any of the Airtel stores and experience 4G speed first hand. Airtel also offers great deals on 4G supporting mobiles. To grab the deals you can visit the Airtel or visit any Airtel store.

Using Airtel 4G serives now for a while its been a great experience I am now able to enjoy high download speeds,streaming videos without buffering and a great quality of video calling. I would totally recommend Airtel 4G and advice you to book your own 4G SIM right away because we all love faster Internet.

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