How eCommerce in India is helping users buy better products

India is one of the largest economies in the world and ranks at number 2 when it comes to the highest number of smartphone users. There are well over 220 million smartphone users in India. While these figures might just be some random mind blowing statistics for the general public, it’s the view of a lucrative market for the biggest mobile phone brands in the world. Besides mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, the general public is becoming more aware of the ecommerce experience when it comes to purchasing gadgets, clothing, household items, appliances and the list goes on…

The most recent studies have shown that the big players of the Indian ecommerce industry will now be focusing more on approaching the rural population of the country. The government is also taking measures to make internet reach every corner of the country. It might seem unbelievable but is quite true that there is still only 34.8 percent of Indian population that has access to the internet. On the bright side, this is a great opportunity for local and international companies to improve on their ecommerce presence and reach out to the audiences that have not experienced online transactions as of yet.

A good thing about the people using internet in the country is that they are following some healthy trends. These people are engaging more and more in online shopping. The biggest companies of the world like Amazon and eBay have their dedicated websites for India. These companies along with a handful others make up the biggest portion of online transactions taking place in India. With online shopping, people are becoming more and more aware of the path that finally leads to an online purchase. Online blogs, YouTube reviews, dedicated reviewing websites, comparison websites etc. are some of the most common platforms that help people make online transactions.

While YouTube reviews and online blogs are great platforms for people to know about a product, comparison websites have their own valuable place in making it convenient for people to purchase through online websites. Most of the people who make online purchases are greatly concerned about the prices of various products and comparisons among various devices. They want to make well-informed decisions and the comparison websites help them greatly with this process. A great comparison shopping engine caught my attention is . This website is currently one of the most reliable and comprehensive comparison websites for Indian users. It also provides detailed information about smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, cameras, household appliances, entertainment systems, books, personal care products and much more.

Besides comparison shopping engines, the trend of cash back, coupons, discovery shopping engines and shopping apps are also on rise.  There is no doubt that the more and more people experience ecommerce across the country, the scope of new and innovative ecommerce business model will be emerge thus making Indians make better buying decisions online.

Written by Sam Livingston

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