2016 Top Tech Christmas Gifts

The last quarter of the year is about to kick in and this means that the holiday season is just around the corner. While kids are excited writing down their Christmas list, parents are challenged figuring out what presents to give their children.


Figuring out what gifts to give to loved ones, especially kids, can be a struggle because you wouldn’t really know what they want. Although it will be easier if they will just tell you outright what they want to have, it is always more special if they do not have a clue of what they are getting.

Here are some top tech gift suggestions for kids for 2016:

Retro Camera

In this digital world, teens taking pictures of almost everything is not surprising, from OOTD to “What’s for dinner?” selfies. Make them look cooler while with friends with a new retro-inspired camera. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 comes in seven colors. This camera prints pictures instantly and will surely bring a smile to your kid’s face when he or she opens the gift. Why take pictures and just post them on social media when you can have them printed and framed?



Get your kids out in the street and let them be more physically active with hoverboards. This cool gift isn’t just a toy. It also teaches your kids how to balance. Moreover, it is also a means of transportation. Of course, ensure that you only buy the brand with five-star safety ratings and that you also throw in safety gear for your teens like helmet and knee pads.

LED Shoes and Sneakers


Kids Light up shoes are now becoming one of the hottest products of 2016, they are different from the ones made previous to them because the lights stay on with a push of a button. These gorgeous shoes are not only fashionable but they are also practical and comfortable to wear. They also come in different styles, from simple to flashy, to match a variety of personalities and fashion style. As for keeping your sneakers bright at all times, they come with a charger you can plug, making them practical and economical.

Android Phone

With the Pokemon Go revolution, a new smartphone is also a perfect gift choice for your kids this 2016. This will also let them be more physically active since they have to go and hunt for Pokemon characters to train. With their new hoverboards and LED shoes, their hunting experience will definitely be an awesome one. There are several Android Smartphones to choose from so they can get the most of their Pokemon Go adventure.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bring out the creativity in your kids while they learn how to appreciate music with the new speakers from Bose. This is the Speaker Cube that is intended for kids eight years old and above. Children can assemble the speaker on their own even without the help of adults. This teaches them how to be independent and be more self-confident. It works with Apple devices so if you intend to buy your kids new phones for playing Pokemon Go, you might as well consider an iPhone or just let them borrow yours.

Giving your kids or loved one’s presents is a way to show them your love and taking time out to plan and buy these gifts make the gesture more special. And while there are different gift-giving traditions worldwide, the tradition of making the people you love happy is always the same, it’s the thought that counts.

Written by Sam Livingston

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